Yesterday I went to lunch with my Red Hat friends. We shared stories of the last year and a half—some of the ladies to gardening. I could almost smell the scent of fresh vegetables.

It was apparent Merri was proud of her gardening. She showed pictures of fresh vegetables. I looked at the pictures, and they brought back memories of my grandparents’ farm.

My mom would send me out to the garden close to the house to pull tomatoes, blackeye peas, or greens. The one thing I was not particularly eager to pick was okra. I liked the cucumbers because I could slip one or two in my pockets. I would slip off by myself, wash them, and find a nice secluded spot to eat without distractions, which meant no sharing with my siblings.

The earth always had a clean, fresh smell, which helped the cucumbers and other vegetables taste so good.

Those were happy days, and yesterday felt that way, sharing stories and reliving old memories. Yes, for me, there was plenty of joy and happiness to be with friends and gratitude that we are still here to enjoy each other company.

I am grateful every day for something in my life, and I give thanks to my Lord.

What are you grateful for in your life? Think about it and share it with us here in the comments. Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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