Self Image

No one can ever see the actual image of you until you have a vivid picture of yourself.

To have an accurate image of yourself, you must be three-dimensional.

First, your identity must be complete. Your identity cannot be whole until you are in touch and freely express your feelings and thoughts.

Second, the assessment of your abilities must be realistic. It would be best to begin your evaluation by looking back at your birth’s point and time. At that point and time, you knew no restrictions. All things were possible until you began to learn limitations.

Third, the view of your worth must be complimentary. You are of immeasurable worth. However, your value is diminished by your thinking otherwise and allowing others to judge your worth. You need not and must not let the negativity of others lead you to depreciate your value.

Taken from “The Soul’s Mirror” by Dana Lamon, DTM, and International Best Speaker

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith. 

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