It is OK to Fight Against Aging

Getting older is a privilege denied to many- Mark Twain

I am blessed to see us come from the dark ages, as my children used to say. When we lived with my grandparents, there was no electricity, no in-door restrooms, or in-door water faucets. We cooked on a wood stove.

I only tell you this to give you an idea of how old I am. But regardless of my age, I still want to look and feel my best. I work at being the best me I can.

Getting older is not for the weak. From the inside out, getting older takes a toll. There is no reason not to fight against it. Aging is inevitable, but there is nothing to say; you can not do everything possible to slow it down, delay it, or make the most of it.

From plastic surgery to supplements to finding and drinking from the fabled fountain of youth, there are many ways to fight against and prevent aging. It is not vanity to be concerned about your health or your appearance. You get to decide what fighting the aging process is for yourself. Your motives do not need anyone else’s approval.

It is ok to fight for your health- Our health is tied to many things. When it comes to aging, proper health can mean a longer life, but it also means a better quality of life no matter how old you are or will be. Fighting against the deterioration of your body, inside and out, is a noble fight. Doing all you can to help your body age well and keep its mobility, flexibility, and general health is essential.

It is ok to fight for your mind- Aging can cause havoc on your mind. Fighting to keep your mind sharp and stave off cognitive decline is important. There are plenty of things you can do throughout your life to prevent the unhealthy aging of your mind and brain. It is essential to prepare for your aging mind and do all you can to help it age well.

It is ok to fight for your looks- There is nothing wrong with preserving your youthful appearance. Doing all you can in your earlier years can help. While genetics play a role in how we age, there are environmental factors at play too. Take what you are born with and enhance it with anything you can do to prevent aging along the way. 

No one knows how long they will live, but there are plenty of things you can do to hedge your bets for longer life. Fighting aging by paying close attention to your mind, body, and beauty will help you live a longer, healthier, and more beautiful life. Educate yourself about how to care for your body, skin, and mind so you can age gracefully and peacefully over time.

Push Yourself Beyond Your Comfort Zone

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Everyone has a place we call the “comfort zone.” It is comfortable, familiar, and safe. However, your comfort zone can become a hindrance to your success, especially if you remain stuck there for too long. Sure, you feel secure, but sometimes it also makes you feel trapped.

When you are working on your goals and procrastination starts to creep in, you might hear someone say, “Get out of your comfort zone!” That can be a slap in the face and make you feel uncomfortable. Getting out of your comfort zone may require you to do something you are not confident in attempting. Or perhaps the ‘doing’ gives rise to uncomfortable emotions, such as fear or embarrassment.

What Benefits Are There In Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone?

Growth begins when you step out of your comfort zone. You will then see more doors of opportunity opening before your eyes. Often, they are not even recognized at the time and only appreciated from a ‘looking back’ position.

While we all need to feel calm and safe, we also need to break free and try new things. Otherwise, there is no growth, only stagnation. You will increase productivity and achievement when you step outside your comfortable place.

When you stay in your safe cocoon, you fail to feel the excitement of doing new things, so you fall back to just performing at a minimal level. That ‘gets the job done,’ but no more.

How Can You Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone?

Here are some simple steps successful people do to push their boundaries:

Take The First Step

It is the most challenging part—taking the first step to go beyond your comfortable limit. But if you do it, if you take courage and believe that you can do more, you can start to build momentum and keep moving.

You only have to be brave for thirty seconds, enough to take the initial plunge.

When you have taken the first step, you will know that you can do it, and the rest will come naturally.

Find A Compelling Reason

Pushing yourself beyond your comfortable limits can be difficult, especially if you have made a long-time habit of playing safe. Finding a compelling reason to do so will keep you motivated and driven to do the things you are afraid of and be comfortable in being uncomfortable.

Do What You Are Scared Of

You often stay in your comfort zone because you are afraid to do things not normal to you. Yet, your self-esteem takes a hit when you see that you are not achieving things in life as much as you hoped. In reality, you most need to expand your boundaries and feel the pride that comes with it.

Face your fears, and you will realize that it often comes with a feeling of exhilaration, and that is what you should bank on so you can get past what holds you back.

Most of the things we fear are emotional – fear of failing, or ridicule, or criticism. Take a reality check; none of these are physical dangers that could result in death or injury. Care a little less about others’ responses, and do it!

Try Something New Every Day

For maximum benefit, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone should become your new regular. To make coming out of your comfort zone a habit, do something new every day. Change your routine.

Try taking a new route or mode of transport to work. Eat at a new restaurant, or try a different meal. Observe your surroundings more diligently and see what you may have missed before. When you get used to trying new things, you will be surprised at how changes become less intimidating and getting out of your comfort zone becomes easier.

Pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone can do wonders in your life, helping you achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality. Balance is essential, so do not overdo it. It is still necessary to have that space where you can be emotionally safe and comfortable and process your experiences. Make a cycle out of advancing, then retreating and relaxing.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

My Anniversary

Today is a special day for me. It’s my anniversary. It also marks the third anniversary without my husband. We lost my husband in February of 2019 to cancer.

Our children all came home to spend time with their father. So did the grandchildren and the great-grandchildren. The last couple of weeks of his life, he spent surrounded by his family. They all let him know how much they loved him. My husbands’ brothers, sisters, and friends all came to spend time with him.

Everyone he ever met, he made a lasting impression. People wanted to be around him, and I always felt proud and honored that God chose us to be together. We did not have a perfect marriage, but we would work things out to our mutual satisfaction.

Trust me, we had our share of disagreements, but I would not trade any of our time together. He was more than a good man and a good father. Rest in peace, Robert! We love you. I love you!

Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

I miss his physical presence. He was such a life force. He was a big man, and everyone who knew him loved him. We raised four sons, my niece, and one of our grandsons to adulthood.

Our children all came home to spend time with their father. So did the grandchildren and the great-grandchildren. The last couple of weeks of his life, he spent surrounded by his family. They all let him know how much they loved him. My husbands’ brothers, sisters, and friends all came to spend time with him.

Everyone he ever met, he made a lasting impression. People wanted to be around him, and I always felt proud and honored that God chose us to be together. We did not have a perfect marriage, but we would work things out to our mutual satisfaction.

Trust me, we had our share of disagreements, but I would not trade any of our time together. He was more than a good man and a good father. Rest in peace, Robert! We love you. I love you!

Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith


When I discipline myself to eat properly, live morally, exercise regularly, grow mentally and spiritually, and not put any drugs or alcohol in my body, I have given myself the freedom to be at my best, perform at my best and reap all the rewards that go along with it. Zig zigler

I posting this is a bonus for the day. Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

Obtain Doctorate of Humanity Award Masterclass

Obtain Doctorate of Humanity Award Masterclass was awesome! Dr. Patricia Rogers hosted this event with some pretty phenomenal speakers.

We learned how to earn a doctorate in our various fields. You might say it was an international event. There were guests from other countries—several from India.

CWSIR Dr. Abhishek Pandey was the keynote speaker. His message to the audience excited, inspired and motivated the crowd.

He received wildly rousing and enthusiastic applause. It was apparent the audience loved his message, and it was well-received.

Doctor Patricia Rogers is a well-accomplished woman. She has achieved so much in her, and she motivates and inspires others to go their dreams. Dorothy Ross, Deniece Little, and Victoria Sparks received their doctorates, and each credits Dr. Rogers for her encouragement and confidence in their ability.

I enjoyed myself, and yes, I was a little envious because I was not one of the ladies receiving the recognition. I plan to be in the spotlight the next time. It was a wonderful celebration and recognition.

Until next time, as always, stay safe, and keep the faith.

Projecting Confidence – Even if You Don’t Feel It

That old saying, “Fake it ‘til you make it,” has never been more meaningful than dealing with confidence issues. Confidence is an essential personality trait you can develop to better deal with life’s transitions – both personal and professional – and take risks to ensure your continued success. Some ways to project confidence, even if you do not feel it, include:

  • Be optimistic – Do you see the glass as half-empty or half-full? If you see the glass as half-empty, you are likely not an optimist and could experience feelings of low self-worth and doubts. Seeing the glass as half-full places you in the “optimist” category and shows that you look for opportunity rather than failure.
  • Do not take yourself too seriously – When you allow yourself to loosen up and enjoy life, you are more relaxed in demeanor, and most people find that refreshing. Most of us have to deal with stress and intense situations every day, so to be around someone who can relax is an absolute pleasure and can garner admiration.
  • Pay attention to others – Making eye contact and listening intently to those you engage with is a must when projecting confidence. If you constantly look around the room or up at the ceiling when conversing, you seem less trustworthy and less like someone who demands admiration.
  • Dress the part – Whatever you want to succeed in life requires a particular look. Want to rise to a CEO level in your company? Stop dressing in jeans and t-shirts. Show others – with your looks – that you are ready to step into the position, even if you are much lower on the ladder.
  • Watch your language – When you speak, speak clearly, and watch your speech to ensure you are not using buzz words or contradictory language or interject phrases such as “you know….” That is referred to as “conversational clutter” and should avoid at all costs.
  • Accept and give compliments – Accept compliments about your accomplishments gracefully and give compliments to others when warranted. Accepting compliments show that you realize the value in what you have done, and giving compliments show that you consider yourself a good judge of character.

Even when you do not feel it, projecting a certain amount of confidence shows that you are ready to meet challenges head-on. Sometimes, we do not yet have the knowledge or skills to perform at the top of the game, but you can project determination and enthusiasm to meet the challenge.

Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.


For years, I gave doubt authority to control my life. It almost ruined me. Anytime I thought of something I wanted to do, here would come along with a list of reasons why I could not even try.

Thankfully, I met a woman who became my mentor. Anytime doubt tried to voice its objections, she would pull optimism to the forefront.

Optimism started small, and with each small success, she became a little stronger. I still have to battle with doubt from time to time, and occasionally, doubt will win. But not often. Unfortunately, it is a battle I have to prepare myself for every day. Because of my optimism, faith, hope, and confidence, I can gang up on doubt and push her out the way.

What do you battle with every day? Is it an everyday battle or occasional? Please share with us here in the comments area. Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

Why is Success So Elusive?

Our society emphasizes success. However, success often seems complicated to come by. We are taught many things in school, but how to be successful is not one of them. One thing is for sure; if you want to achieve greater levels of success than you are currently experiencing, you will have to change. A change in your results will require a difference in your approach.

Understand why you have not been as successful as you would like:

  1. You do not know what you want. The accomplishment of something unique is rarely accidental. It would help if you had intention and purpose over a while. If you do not know what you want, you can not expect that anything significant will happen.
  • Do you know what you want? Do you have an intention for each day? What did you try to accomplish today that will enhance your life in the long term?

    2. You have detrimental habits. Whether you are too flabby, poor, lonely, or ignorant, your habits are to blame. The small actions that you take each day to determine your long-term outcomes.
  • Proper eating and exercise habits ensure a fit body.

  • Regular saving and effort to increase your income ensure wealth.

  • What habits do you currently have? Can you see how they have to lead to your current circumstances?

  • 3. You have poor self-control. Some degree of self-control is necessary to be successful. Humans like comfort. Sitting on the couch with a movie and a snack sounds good to the average person. Successful people are good at controlling themselves where it counts. If comfort is your primary objective, success becomes much more difficult.

    4. You waste more time than you realize. How much time do you waste each day? The TV, internet, e-mail, and gossip are a few examples of time-wasters that suck many of us into their vortex. When we emerge, more time than we imagined has disappeared.
  • Consider the most effective actions you can take each day and measure how much time you spend on them. The small amount of time you spend each day productively will amaze you. Just imagine the results you could obtain if you changed that trend.

    5. I suppose you might be wrong. Achieving success also requires making effective decisions. None of us is correct 100% of the time. If your view of the world situation, in general, is incorrect, you are bound to struggle. If you believe the pet rock will make a comeback, and it does not, you will not be successful.
  • This issue is not easy to rectify. However, at the very least, you can examine your beliefs and ask yourself why you believe them.

    6. You give up too soon. The most successful people have endured numerous failures. Persistence is the most important attribute you can have on the road to success. If you can make a small amount of progress each week, you can eventually accomplish anything.

    7. You are not growing as a person. The person you are today might not be capable of making ten times your current salary. You will have to learn, grow, and adapt. You can not stay the same and have your life unfold. You may need to become more knowledgeable, a better communicator, more disciplined, more friendly, or have more focus.
  • Think about the person you need to become to accomplish your objectives.

Success is not complicated, but it also is not easy. You are becoming more successful in making good decisions, using your time wisely, and being persistent. Decide what you want and determine the actions required to get there. Never give up and keep evolving. You will grow your knowledge and skills to reach your full potential.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.