For years, I gave doubt authority to control my life. It almost ruined me. Anytime I thought of something I wanted to do, here would come along with a list of reasons why I could not even try.

Thankfully, I met a woman who became my mentor. Anytime doubt tried to voice its objections, she would pull optimism to the forefront.

Optimism started small, and with each small success, she became a little stronger. I still have to battle with doubt from time to time, and occasionally, doubt will win. But not often. Unfortunately, it is a battle I have to prepare myself for every day. Because of my optimism, faith, hope, and confidence, I can gang up on doubt and push her out the way.

What do you battle with every day? Is it an everyday battle or occasional? Please share with us here in the comments area. Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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