Obtain Doctorate of Humanity Award Masterclass

Obtain Doctorate of Humanity Award Masterclass was awesome! Dr. Patricia Rogers hosted this event with some pretty phenomenal speakers.

We learned how to earn a doctorate in our various fields. You might say it was an international event. There were guests from other countries—several from India.

CWSIR Dr. Abhishek Pandey was the keynote speaker. His message to the audience excited, inspired and motivated the crowd.

He received wildly rousing and enthusiastic applause. It was apparent the audience loved his message, and it was well-received.

Doctor Patricia Rogers is a well-accomplished woman. She has achieved so much in her, and she motivates and inspires others to go their dreams. Dorothy Ross, Deniece Little, and Victoria Sparks received their doctorates, and each credits Dr. Rogers for her encouragement and confidence in their ability.

I enjoyed myself, and yes, I was a little envious because I was not one of the ladies receiving the recognition. I plan to be in the spotlight the next time. It was a wonderful celebration and recognition.

Until next time, as always, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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