It is OK to Fight Against Aging

Getting older is a privilege denied to many- Mark Twain

I am blessed to see us come from the dark ages, as my children used to say. When we lived with my grandparents, there was no electricity, no in-door restrooms, or in-door water faucets. We cooked on a wood stove.

I only tell you this to give you an idea of how old I am. But regardless of my age, I still want to look and feel my best. I work at being the best me I can.

Getting older is not for the weak. From the inside out, getting older takes a toll. There is no reason not to fight against it. Aging is inevitable, but there is nothing to say; you can not do everything possible to slow it down, delay it, or make the most of it.

From plastic surgery to supplements to finding and drinking from the fabled fountain of youth, there are many ways to fight against and prevent aging. It is not vanity to be concerned about your health or your appearance. You get to decide what fighting the aging process is for yourself. Your motives do not need anyone else’s approval.

It is ok to fight for your health- Our health is tied to many things. When it comes to aging, proper health can mean a longer life, but it also means a better quality of life no matter how old you are or will be. Fighting against the deterioration of your body, inside and out, is a noble fight. Doing all you can to help your body age well and keep its mobility, flexibility, and general health is essential.

It is ok to fight for your mind- Aging can cause havoc on your mind. Fighting to keep your mind sharp and stave off cognitive decline is important. There are plenty of things you can do throughout your life to prevent the unhealthy aging of your mind and brain. It is essential to prepare for your aging mind and do all you can to help it age well.

It is ok to fight for your looks- There is nothing wrong with preserving your youthful appearance. Doing all you can in your earlier years can help. While genetics play a role in how we age, there are environmental factors at play too. Take what you are born with and enhance it with anything you can do to prevent aging along the way. 

No one knows how long they will live, but there are plenty of things you can do to hedge your bets for longer life. Fighting aging by paying close attention to your mind, body, and beauty will help you live a longer, healthier, and more beautiful life. Educate yourself about how to care for your body, skin, and mind so you can age gracefully and peacefully over time.

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