My Morning and Evening Skincare Routine

I begin my mornings by brushing my teeth and washing my face. However, I should clarify I will speak on skincare and bypass other things I do each day.

I wash my face with a cleanser that is also a moisturizer. I first wet my face, then spread the cleanser over my face. I use a clean towel and soak it with hot water as hot as I can stand. I wring the towel and clean the cleanser from my face.

Once I clean my face, I rinse it with warm water and pat dry, followed by a good moisturizer. I do the same thing in the evening before going to bed.

If I am not going out or have a zoom meeting, I do nothing else to my face. Otherwise, I start applying my makeup.

I am not going to go into how and what makeup I use. That would take much too long. I do have a video on youtube demonstrating how I clean my face and apply makeup. You can view it here at

I was preparing for a trip and almost forgot to write this blog post. I may miss a day, and if I do, I will make up for it by posting two the next day. One will most likely be a quote.

Until next time, please remember to stay safe and keep the faith.

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