“Nine-Eleven, I Will Not Forget!”

I had not intended to say anything about 911. I did not lose anyone or have anyone hurt. I grieved along with the rest of the country at the wound placed upon us.

My country is not perfect, but she is my country, and I love her.

I was about to leave for work the morning of 911. I watched the plane as it headed into the building. I was astonished! I saw it happen on the television with my own eyes, and yet I did not want to believe such a thing could happen here in my country.

I worked that day. I listened to the reports on my way into the office and all day on the radio at work. When I returned home, I watched the replay of the events. It was such a horrible event. I saw people helping each other as they ran for safety covered in ash. I saw firefighters and police officers doing what they could for their fellow man, even when they knew it was hopeless, yet refusing to give up.

I watched the gray and black smoke reaching for the sky. It was not easy to believe this was real and that this was happening.

For a short well, I saw the people of my nation come together. No one cared about color or nationality. We clung to each other. We were one nation under God, and we wanted the individuals responsible for this act to pay!

As much as I hated what happened, I saw a nation come together, and I had great hopes we would continue this way. I blame the politicians for dissolving our love for one another. The politicians do not want our bonding. It is not suitable for their re-election.

I pray we wake up and see what they are doing and refuse to continue playing their game. It has been twenty years, and I have not forgotten the men and women who died or maimed needlessly. I will not forget the men and women who volunteered to join the service to fight for the freedoms we believe in so strongly.

I pray for the families who lost mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, friends, and neighbors in a senseless war. I honor them because they made the ultimate sacrifices for our country. So we can go to sleep at night in peace and voice our opinions without fear of retaliation.

There are no words I can use to express how grateful I am to them and all first responders. I can only say, “Nine-eleven, I will not forget!”

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