Fear of Failure Kills Dreams Before They Start

Worrying about failure can cause crippling fear. For some, fear of failure prevents them from taking action towards their dreams. From starting their own business to asking someone out on a date, fear of failure can keep them from their heart’s desires.

The fear of failure is often a bunch of micro-fears mashed together to create an overarching anxiousness about all the things that could go wrong if we step out of our comfort zones. Ultimately, while we may fear particular things each time we face risk, in the end, shame is the predominant fear attached to failure.

Let’s take a closer look at what that means-

Failure can trigger typical and common emotions like frustration, disappointment, anger, and even embarrassment. These emotions on their own may make us feel guilty, and they can be managed if/when they happen, but sometimes failure results in shame. At the same time, guilt is feeling wrong about something we did. Shame is feeling poorly about who we are. When fear of failure is tied to our worth and value, it’s a huge deal.

Signs You May Be Fearful of Failure

Many times, the fear of failure is subconscious. Though you may feel anxious when thinking about taking a risk, you may not know why. Here are some signs fear of failure could be the reason.

The thought of failure makes you worry people will reject you

The idea of failure makes you fear you will ruin your future

The thought of failure makes you believe you can’t recover

The view of failure gives you physical illnesses, so you don’t take action

If these sound similar to your feelings, you may be experiencing fear of failure consciously or subconsciously.

Tips to Overcome Fears of Failure

Tip: Be honest with your inner circle- If you’re fearful taking a risk will somehow disappoint others or cause them to reject you, start a conversation. While you shouldn’t share your innermost thoughts with casual friends, those who matter most to you will likely dispel your fear and offer to be supportive of your dreams.

Tip: Identify your fear and own it- Some of us have irrational fears. Fear of heights, reptiles, and speaking in public are all familiar. If you can identify your fear and own it, you can often minimize its hold. Acknowledge you have a fear attached to your dream and take action regardless. You do not have to be fearless. It would help if you fear less.

Tip: Control what you can- Many fears are based on the unknown aspects of taking a risk. Control what you can. Managing what’s in your control will give you the confidence you need to keep going. As bumps in the road come up, you can face them one at a time. Over time you gain maturity and personal experience that makes it easier to manage hiccups when they happen.

Sadly, fearing failure can kill dreams before they have a chance to blossom. You can control much of what you fear. As Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” 

Until next, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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