Enjoy Journaling

I recently learned October is Journaling month! So I thought it would be great to post a prompt every day this month to help you get started journaling.

I am posting two since I failed to post one yesterday. I believe this will be fun. You do not have to journal every day, and you do not have to use these prompts. You may not need prompts.

Prompts are for when the mind goes blank, and you need a little help getting started. You can also use the prompts for writing a book. Please do me a favor; share in the comments your use of the prompts.

Try these prompts and share with us if they worked for you.

  1. In what areas of your life will you challenge yourself? Are there skills you want to develop or a talent you wish to hone even more?
  2. What new foods do you want to try? Do you want to perfect your sugar cookie recipe, make delicious smoothies, or explore bold cuisines?

Until tomorrow, stay safe, keep the faith, and enjoy journaling.

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