Resist Aging from the Inside Out with Exercise

Below are two prompts you can use to help you start journaling if you find yourself with writers block, followed by an article on aging.

  1. What would you like learn before this year ends? (Are there other cultures you’ve always wanted to study? Are there advanced classes you want to attend?)
  2. How is your life different this year? Are there some big changes you’d like to make?

It seems obvious that taking care of our skin helps us look younger. It might not seem so obvious that how we take care of our insides also affects our outsides. Eating right, sleeping well, and living free from drugs and alcohol all contribute to how well we age. In addition, exercise can directly affect and influence our ability to grow older without feeling worn out and tired all the time.

You can resist aging from the inside out simply by exercising regularly. Cardiovascular health is a huge contributor to how our body ages. The healthy supply of oxygen-rich blood to our heart, lungs, and organs keeps them healthy and functioning normally. It’s really important to stay in shape when you want to resist aging. Try these fun activities to help keep your body healthy, limber, flexible, and in shape.

Dance like no one is watching- Dancing is a great way to express yourself, get your blood pumping, and release feel-good chemicals in your brain. Dancing can happen anywhere. In your living room, at the club, or in a specialized exercise class. Use dancing as a fun and easy way to stay fit and resist aging from the inside out.

Play team sports- Being on a team and engaging in competitive sports is a wonderful way to socialize and stay fit. Most communities have opportunities for intermural sports. Gyms often have sports options on their schedule too. From pick-up basketball games to organized softball or soccer leagues, there’s a team waiting for you to join.

Take a hike- Hiking is a wonderful way to experience nature and get those steps in. We need about 10,000 steps per day to keep our bodies healthy. What better way to get those steps in than to see the bounty and beauty of the world. Hiking can happen anywhere and includes all sorts of terrain. Make hiking an easy part of your exercise plan and you’ll be helping your heart stay healthy and your eyes to see more beauty.

What you eat matters when it comes to anti-aging. So does taking care of your skin. It’s equally important to use exercise as a means to fight off old age. They work hand in hand. Find a form of physical activity that you enjoy and make staying fit a life-long plan. The more active you are when you are younger, the more active you can remain when you are older. 

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