The Power of Toastmasters

Last night, I was honored to be the guest speaker at 50 Plus Toastmasters Meeting. Our special guests were Curtis Johnson, District Club Growth Leader, and Mike O’Neil, immediate past District Club Growth Leader.

Grace Lai, gave her Ice Breaker Speech! Grace has never been a Toastmaster, and English is her second language. She was afraid she would not do a good enough job for us to understand her story clearly.

We all understood and were amazed by the number of things she has done in her life. It is evident that she loves her church and misses going there in person. We learned she loves to play the violin and is good at it. She and her husband share many things, including joining Toastmasters. Her husband is her partner. If she needs a word explained, he looks it up and tells her so she can keep up with what is going on in the meeting. It was wonderful to get to know this remarkable woman.

My speech was on “The Power of Toastmasters.” I shared the story of two individuals and myself on how our lives changed because of “The Power of Toastmasters.”

If you have always wanted to speak before a group or learn better communication and leadership skills, then look no further. Toastmasters holds the recipe for your success to a new beginning. You could not find a better group of supportive, encouraging, and mentoring people. I encourage you to find a local club or a virtual club to join. I have come to prefer virtual clubs because they have members from other states and other countries.

If you cannot find a club, go to https://www.Toastmasters All the clubs from around the world are listed there with contact information. I suggest visiting several clubs to find the one you feel comfortable with being a part of because the members become part of your family.

We had so much fun at the meeting! The great thing about Toastmasters is you have fun while you learn! How cool is that! See you at the next Toastmasters meeting so I can hear your story and you can experience The Power of Toastmasters.

Until the next time, stay safe, and keep the faith. Love you.

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