My life overflows with blessings.

My life erupts with blessings like lava out of a volcano. I have been given much more than I could ever need. When I look around me, I see that not only are my needs met, but I also have a surplus of things that I enjoy.

I wake up every day thankful for the health of my body. There are countless harms in the world, yet I enjoy life. It humbles me to think about the miracle of life; I was chosen to live this very moment, making it clear that my life has a purpose! 

Relationships are my greatest blessing. I feel fortunate to have friends and family who care about me and seek me out. Whenever I am alone, I know that I can call someone to meet with me or listen to me on the phone. Having people to count on makes me feel blessed.

I appreciate my blessings because they are beautiful gifts. My prayers carry me through my struggles and lift my spirits.

My worst day is still a good day when I am determined to be glad regardless of my situation. I enjoy peace when I look beyond adverse problems to the positive outcomes that follow. For every negative situation, there is a more important lesson to be learned.

Today, I choose to look at my life through the eyes of gratitude and rejoice in my circumstance. I see the blessings all around me and look for ways to share them with others.  

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What am I thankful for?

2. Do I exhibit a grateful attitude?

3. How can I share my blessings with others?

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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