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From Mindset to Making Millions Get Unstuck with one of my complimentary tickets to the BeeKonnected Business Freedom Summit 

With over 80 influencers, this event will cover the entire range of business needs to help you accelerate your results with superstar connectors like Richard Paul Evans (More than 35 NY Times Bestsellers), Marie Diamond (from the hit movie “The Secret”), Forbes Riley (Sold over 2.5 billion on Home Shopping Network), Eric Lofholm (Sales Mastery) and Loral Langemeier (Money Expert) among others. 

The event will be held on the Social Media Disruptor platform BeeKonnected – that is spam-free, ad-free, does not share your data and it’s safe to build your group on.  

Go to https://lawannasblog.beekonnected.com/event/ Click the Button, Join BeeKonnected for Free (if you aren’t already a member) then register for the live event today!

I’ll see you on the inside!

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