Leaders Can Be Found Everywhere

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Often the word leader is thought of as only someone in the government, a CEO, or the owner of a business, but the truth is, while these are examples of people who can be leaders, the title of a job doesn’t define leadership. Instead, what defines leadership is the ability to influence others.

The Person Who Gets Things Done

Whether it’s your local PTA or your neighborhood, community leaders are the people getting things that need to be done and done. Even if they don’t personally take on the formal roles that most people see as leaders, the fact that they get things done shows that they are leaders.

The Silent Doer Who Does Things

While the person who gets things done and the person who does it may not be the same, they are both excellent examples of leadership. While a good leader can plan and organize, the successful person who does it without ever mentioning it is also a great leader.

The One Who Has the Trust

If you remember the movie Erin Brockovich, the single imperfect mom who decided to become a paralegal. With no experience, the single mom took on the corrupt water company that was poisoning entire neighborhoods. You’ve seen a great example of someone who had people’s trust and stepped up to become the leader even though she did not have the power position or the money.

The Individual Who Asks the Right Questions

Some people are good at asking the right questions to figure out how to solve a problem. This person is also a great leader because of the person’s ability to see things from different perspectives. While looking at complex issues is necessary for a great leader, knowing when to charge full steam ahead.

The Person with The Vison

Identifying long-term strategic goals, eliminating roadblocks, recognizing change, solving problems with a deep understanding of the desired result. And sharing that idea in an understandable and motivational way with others is an essential leadership skill that is often overlooked when choosing people with the obvious titles to lead.

The One with Faith in Their Convictions

That person has studied the situation and knows without a doubt that their ideas will work (they have the facts) as they understand the needs and perspectives of others. But they value their own experience, education, training, and knowledge when it comes to this situation and isn’t afraid to say so even if their title doesn’t establish them as the leader.

You realize that leaders are everywhere, including in your family, in your workplace, and neighborhood, even if they don’t carry a specific title that designates them as leaders. But leadership is defined more by the effect a person has on others, and it becomes clear that it’s within your power to become a leader in any area of life that you want to. All you need to do is figure out what needs to be done, learn how to do it, and start doing it.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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