How to Rock Your Journal Sessions

Angela loved journaling. She always felt better after doing it. But sometimes, she let her procrastination get in the way and she avoided doing it for several weeks. She shared with a friend that it was a bit like going to the gym. She never regretted getting it done but sometimes, she found it difficult to get started.

Angela’s friend, Michelle, suggested a few tips to help her become more consistent with her journaling habit. If you also struggle with consistency, consider trying some of these ideas…

Create a Template

Michelle explained that she had created a template for her journaling time. It meant that when she sat down to write, she didn’t have to wait for inspiration or try to come up with something new to say. A few of the questions on Michelle’s template include:

  • What am I grateful for today?
  • Who did I show kindness to?
  • What I did learn from yesterday?
  • How am I feeling?
  • What’s one thing I want to do now?

Make It Fun

Michelle told Angela to make her sessions fun. “When it’s fun, you’re naturally drawn to an activity, so make it easy and enjoyable.”

For Michelle, this means brewing a cup of her favorite loose-leaf tea each time she sits down to journal. She savors the tea in her favorite mug and the warm liquid helps her to relax before she begins to write.

Play Music

“Another way to make it fun is to play music,” Michelle shared. “Some people do their best journaling if they have their music blasting. Other people find music is too distracting when they’re trying to write.”

If you enjoy listening to music when you’re working on a project, you might be one of those people who finds it inspiring to listen while you journal. Experiment with different kinds of music until you find the one that makes journaling easiest for you.

Have a Special Journal Spot

Michelle likes to journal from the comfort of her front porch during the early morning hours. She sits in her favorite wicker chair and sips her tea, often getting up early enough to watch the sunrise.

Angela tried to do the same thing but didn’t find the environment stimulating enough. She liked to be surrounded by people and the hum of conversation. So, she decided to make a local coffee shop her journaling spot and found it worked much better for her.

Schedule It

Michelle encouraged her friend to schedule each journaling session like she would a doctor’s appointment or other event. “By scheduling time to journal, you’re more likely to do it,” Michelle explained.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to make it a daily habit. Michelle enjoys journaling each morning but Angela found that was too frequent for her. So, she changed her schedule and now journals twice a week at the coffee shop.

Journaling might not feel natural at first, but don’t give up on it too fast. Instead, try some of the tips above. Pay attention what works best for your personality and inspires you to write.

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