The Perfect Day

Okay. Tomorrow is the big day for most of us. To start over fresh with the new year. I am excited because it is going to be a fabulous year. I have my plans and goals, and I can’t wait to see them become my new reality. I still have not selected a word to focus on for the year. When I do, I will let you know.

I may release another post this evening. If I do, it will be post number 500. My reason for doing this is so I can start the first with post number 501. When I started this blog, I was going for thirty days of consecutive posts. However, as of right now, I have posted 499 consecutive days.

I have missed a few days, but as I promised, if I miss a day, I post blog posts the next day. I do this to stay on track and keep my word to you. I hope I have shared the kind of information you want to help you. If there is something you would like to know about that I have not shared, please let me know.

Keep in mind, there are things I have no knowledge of and will not be able to help you. I mainly help people with journaling, writing, and creating a legacy for their family. I also include thing that deal with personal development and self-care.

If you would like to learn about the journal and writing class, register here to attend a intro session: Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

I’d Rather Be

I’d Rather Be A Failure At Something I Love Than A Success At Something I Hate.

-George Burns

I saw this quote and thought I would share. Are you settling for something other than what you desire? Are you doing something you have no interest in because it’s easier to do than overcome the obstacles you face doing the thing you love?

I encourage you to face the obstacles. The journey will be so much more rewarding at journey’s end. The obstacles help you become the person you were meant to be from the beginning.

Until next time, stay safe, challenge the obstacles, and keep the faith.


“Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing
in our own sunshine
. Ralph Waldo Emerson

How true this is! I lost out on a promotion because I was too busy explaining why I was not the right person for the position.

I should has have shared my skills and qualifications. Then I should have asked for support for the things I did not know and assured them I was a fast learner and would continue to give 110% of myself to the position.

I shared my weaknesses and did not get the position. I hope you do not make the same mistake. Get out of the shadow of your sunshine. Let your brightness shine and let others see what you are capable of doing.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

How To Be More Outgoing for Introverts

There is a common misconception that introverts despise social gatherings. However, this is not exactly the case. Everyone craves social interaction just in diverse ways. If you call yourself an introvert, you understand this all too well.

You want to get out and interact with people, but the way most people do it prevents you from venturing out. You always question how you can find the motivation, determination, and be more outgoing like extroverts?

Fight Your Fears

In other words, dive right into them. Most experts claim that if you want to accomplish more in life, you must conquer your fears, and to do so, you need to head them face on. This means if you fear public speaking, find ways to do more of it. Do not avoid it. Most fears stem from a lack of experience, and simply put, the more you do something, the more experience you will gain.

Extroverts Have Insecurities Too

Realize that you are not alone. Even confident people have moments of weakness. That goes for extroverts too. Even though they often are highly confident and are, it does not mean they do not have moments of self-doubt. They know how to push through and control their emotions to continue.

Start Small

There is no reason to change overnight, and do not expect it either. Gradual change is healthier, and research shows you are likely to be more successful eventually. For example, those who lose weight immediately end up gaining it back faster than those who gradually lose weight. Meaning they will be healthier overall.

Understand Your Boundaries

You are still an introvert, and there is nothing wrong with that. You can still be an introvert and outgoing. It starts with understanding your boundaries, like putting a time limit on outings or establishing one day alone to yourself each week. Introverts need time to rewind and gain the energy to be social again. Instead of fighting it, limit it.

Start Talking First

Be the first to break the ice. Ask other questions and be curious about them. Let others talk about themselves and get to know them. When others get talking, the rest is easy. As your comfort increases, you will realize that diving into the unknown is not as scary as it seems.

Start slow and do not create elevated expectations for yourself. Remember, being more outgoing means trusting yourself and living life with confidence. That does not mean you will be perfect or will not make mistakes now and then. Pick yourself back up, learn from the mistake, and keep practicing allowing yourself to be more outgoing.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.     

Handle Criticism Better

You are not alone. No one likes being judged or feeling as if they can’t do any better. However, constructive criticism can be a helpful tool to ensure you gain valuable skills. Skills needed to achieve your goals and find your success. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to better cope and handle criticism.

Listen Before You Speak or Act

You can easily misunderstand people if you allow your emotions to take over without listening to the other person. Initially, criticism doesn’t feel good, and all you want to do is make excuses or run the other way instead of listening through your positive filter. When your emotions cloud your judgment, you don’t think clearly or rationally.

Don’t think about what you feel now or want to say. Focus on what others say instead. Ask them to repeat it. Be clear you understand them and their message first. Then develop a response or say thank you. Just because someone provides criticism doesn’t mean it’s negative, automatically correct, or requires justification or thorough response from you.

Reflect and Dissect It

Please take in what the person said and identify it for a moment. Is it constructive or destructive criticism, and are they right? Does this person stand with you when you need their support? Not every criticism is honest, accurate, or worth your time.

Find and Assume the Positive

Always assume what people are telling you or saying is positive. Let them be the ones to correct you. Then you know for sure their true intentions are not to help you anyway. Therefore, their criticism is a waste of your time, even thinking about it for one moment.

Ask Questions

While you want to assume the positive, please don’t assume you know everything nor act like it. If you are confused by the feedback, ask questions to clarify. This way, you have a moment to dissect the feedback and ensure it’s beneficial for your time. Take this moment to ask them for examples or ideas to understand further. Even if you disagree with their criticism, it provides an excellent opportunity to learn and gain a different perspective.

However, stop giving other people’s opinions too much weight or importance if you see bias. While criticism can provide value, it shouldn’t prevent you from being yourself or cause fear. Train yourself to focus only on the value you receive.

Year-End Is Coming!

Wow! The end of the year is just around the corner! Most of you are probably thinking of celebrating bringing in the new year. I’ve given some thought to it myself.

Two things have come to mind

  1. I am eight posts shy of having 500 blog posts, and
  2. I want to celebrate post number 501 on New Years Day.

I have decided you are not interested in doing any heavy reading, so I will post two quotes and/or tips twice a day to celebrate on Saturday.

I will return to regular posting next week. I remind you that my blog is about anything I learn that I believe will help you. It will cover journaling most of the time because I believe it is vital that you start journaling.

I also remind you that I will post quotes or tips on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays unless something takes place I feel important enough to share rather than wait.

I am aware I blog on things I believe you are interested in, but if I have missed something or you would like me to write about, please let me know.

There are many things taking place with the new year, including the look of this blog page. My cousin’s daughter will pretty it up and make things a little more user-friendly. If you do not receive notifications of new posts, please sign up again.

That is it for now. I will keep you posted on upcoming changes. I believe you will like the changes!

Until tomorrow, please stay safe, and keep the faith.     


Today was to be a quiet day for me to relax, watch Christmas movies, and read my books.

I cooked as I do every holiday. I didn’t cook as much food as I had in the past because I planned to spend the day alone. I cooked ham, turkey breast, vegetables, dressing, and cornbread.

Oh! The best-laid plans! I in-laws, phone calls, text messages, and other notifications. The result was very little reading or television watching.

I can not complain because I enjoyed myself. But after posting this on my blog, I will pull out a romance story with a cup of hot chocolate, watch a movie on my laptop, and turn my television to the station that has logs burning in a fireplace.

Picture this: I will have a comforter wrapped around me with my hot chocolate on the table next to me. The laptop is sitting on the coffee table, and the television looks like a fireplace burning, hissing, and crackling like the real thing.

Okay! I have to go. I know the book I am going to read. It’s called

Rising. I can’t wait to get between the pages and enjoy myself. I pray your Christmas was as mine turned out to be.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.