Today was to be a quiet day for me to relax, watch Christmas movies, and read my books.

I cooked as I do every holiday. I didn’t cook as much food as I had in the past because I planned to spend the day alone. I cooked ham, turkey breast, vegetables, dressing, and cornbread.

Oh! The best-laid plans! I in-laws, phone calls, text messages, and other notifications. The result was very little reading or television watching.

I can not complain because I enjoyed myself. But after posting this on my blog, I will pull out a romance story with a cup of hot chocolate, watch a movie on my laptop, and turn my television to the station that has logs burning in a fireplace.

Picture this: I will have a comforter wrapped around me with my hot chocolate on the table next to me. The laptop is sitting on the coffee table, and the television looks like a fireplace burning, hissing, and crackling like the real thing.

Okay! I have to go. I know the book I am going to read. It’s called

Rising. I can’t wait to get between the pages and enjoy myself. I pray your Christmas was as mine turned out to be.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.


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