Understand Your Value

As Sarah began working on her confidence, she noticed many attractive benefits. Here are just a few of the gifts that come from developing your self-confidence.

Sarah had undervalued her skills for years, thinking she didn’t do anything special. But when she was at the company’s town hall meeting one day, she realized all of their best-sellers were covers she had designed.

Becoming confident means that you begin to recognize the value you bring into a situation. It might be the years of experience you have, the unique gift of discernment, or the gentle leadership style you employ.

Self-confidence means you begin to appreciate and celebrate these beautiful qualities in yourself.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

Start Over

Never accept a time limit for your dream. It takes the time you put into starting and completing it. I was fifty-six when my dream of writing pushed me into picking up a pen and paper and start writing. I was terrible, but I kept at it. I still work on improving my writing. I make mistakes, but I write anyway.

The first time I wrote a blog post, I was so scared to put it online. Later, I found all kinds of errors and misspelling in it, but I kept posting anyway. Today, I am in twelve book compilations, and two I have written and published myself.

I still make mistakes, and I continue to work on improving myself just as I still post my blogs. I will continue writing because there is no time limit on how much time I need to become a better writer.

I know I am all over the place in blog subjects, but I shared in the beginning I would share anything I learned that may be of benefit to you. Don’t discourage or wonder what is wrong with me because I choose to write on different subjects. I speak on journaling most often because I believe we all should be journaling to leave a legacy for our families. I love learning new information and I hope you do as well. So, until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

Confidence and Creativity

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Your confidence and creativity come from doing when others have doubts. Journaling has proven to be one of the best ways to get there. It does not judge or talk back. It accepts you and offers suggestions you are free to take and improve for your use. I believe that when you journal, you talk to God, and He speaks back. It is one time we listen to the voice within us. The medical, therapist, health, and wellness, community have come to recognize the many benefits you derive from journaling. If you would like more information about journaling and courage, you can book an appointment with me at https://letsmeet.io/lawannageanparkercouragetoliveyourdream/15-minute-initial-consultation.

The above is part of an article I wrote as my part in a book compilation called The Art of Connection. I am super excited to learn it is an Amazon number one best seller. You can find it at Amazon.com;

The Art Of Connection: 365 Days of Inspirational Quotes by Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Influencers

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

How to Get Unstuck

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Being stuck is something many people will experience during their life. You might not realize that it is linked to your mental health, where your stress or depression might be making it worse. Here are some ways to improve your mental clarity and focus on getting unstuck in any area of your life.

Look for Inspiration

Naturally, you want to start by finding inspiration. Being stuck in any area of your life, from your job to your personal life, can often come from a lack of true inspiration. You may need to think outside the box and look for other areas to feel inspired. If you are focusing on your anxiety and struggling with finding the proper inspiration to start a business due to those irrational fears, find inspiration in places like self-help books or talking to others who are entrepreneurs and dealing with anxiety. Some people find inspiration from hearing real, relatable stories, while others find inspiration from books or nature.

Stop Living in the past

Unfortunately, this is a common reason people get stuck in their brains and their thoughts. If you feel overwhelmed with negative emotions and feel unable to move forward with your life, it is likely from your past. Don’t worry about mistakes you made, things you should have done, or people you wish you never met. The actions in the past can’t be undone, so it is time to accept the good and bad and move forward. Let go of your past, but it inspires you to move forward and do better next time.

Find Your Purpose

Everyone has a purpose, so you can get unstuck by finding yours. Think of your purpose as something that gives you passion and provides inspiration and motivation to try harder and work towards dreams, not just goals. Your purpose isn’t just the career you have chosen or your responsibilities – it gives you fire and drives your actions. To find your purpose, think of all the things that make you happy, provide you with pride, and make you feel inspired. It can be anything from helping animals to making art. It doesn’t matter what it is, but you find a purpose and use it to channel your inner creativity and motivation.

Keep working hard to get unstuck, improve your mental clarity, and work toward your goals. Until next time, stay safe and keep the faith.

You’re Human!

I am a person who enjoys being alone. All I need is a good book, my favorite tv shows, and some good music, and I am in seventh heaven. However, even with all that, there are times when even I can become lonely. It’s why I stay in touch with you. You keep my spirits lifted and give me the courage to live my dreams.💖

Until later, stay safe, and keep the faith.

Courage To Live My Dream

Wow! I have had several people ask me about my book today! Yes, I have a book I wrote myself, and it is on Amazon.com. You can check it out here https://tinyurl.com/2p8958ms. Thank you to all who have inquired about my book “Courage to Live My Dream.”

I am to blame that people are surprised I have a book I wrote and published. As of next week, I will be in ten-book compilations.

I am proud to have been published so many times. When I was growing up, the other children and later adults thought it was funny that I thought I could write.

I understood why they felt this way. I was a quiet and shy individual. No one could understand what I could write and who would be interested. I am sorry to say I accepted their opinions and added a few negatives I created myself. It was easier not to try and have it proved everyone was right.

Thankfully, it became a persistent voice that kept pushing until it made itself heard. Then it started yelling so loud I had no choice but to give in.

It was difficult in the beginning, and many times I was so embarrassed by my writing, but I kept at it, and I still work at t today. It is a continuous work in progress.

You can check it out here at https://tinyurl.com/2p8958ms. It took me three months to let any of my friends know I had published a book. Should you read it, I would love to have your review of my work.

It takes just a little courage to go after your dream. Until next time, stay safe, keep the faith, and let nothing stop you from going after your dream, even if it is fifty years later.


close up of snail on ground
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I was asked about this story of Charlie. So, I thought I would do a reprint for the benefit of those who have not read my story. I hope you enjoy it!

I called him Charlie. There was no particular meaning behind the name other than it was the first thing that popped into my mind. Charlie always sat in the dirt by my door each morning when I left for work. He would be on the right-hand side of the steps in the soil in the morning and on the left-hand side when I returned. I started thinking of him as my little watcher. I imagined it took him all day to cross my walkway to get to the other side and back again the following day.

Have you ever seen a snail walk or rather crawl? The snail crawls by relaxing and contracting the muscles in the foot. It has two sets of muscle fibers that can work independently when moving. One muscle contracts, and pulls the front, and pushes it off the front to the back. Simultaneously, the second set pulls the outer surface of the sole forward. If you place a snail on a glass surface and look from below, you can see this. There are glands located in the foot that seep mucus. There is mucus on the rest of the body to protect it against water loss.

Snails move like earthworms and slugs. The worm and snail crawl similarly as the snail by alternating body contractions with stretching. A bread roll would look similar to a snail laid out but different because when the dough is raw, you can shape it any way you please. A snail does not have the luxury of reshaping itself.

Snails have many natural predators, and humans also pose dangers to snails—the apparent threats of stepping on them or putting salt on their fleshy parts. There are species of snails highly prized in some parts of the world as human food.

Snails move slowly and usually need help from others to get around, most often by riding on Franklin’s shell. They have to produce mucus to aid in movement and reduce friction. The mucus also helps prevent the risk of serious injuries. They are known to crawl over a razor blade without damage.

Snails are members of a group of gastropod mollusks; most members of this species secrete a spiral shell for protection. Some of the species of snails have no casings and are known as slugs.

While it is true that snails eat garden plants and vegetables, they also eat decaying plants and soil. For this reason, Charlie is allowed to live without fear of me destroying or wanting him as a delicacy as he slowly patrols my walkway.

I hope you liked the story of Charlie and the bit of information I shared about snails. Until next time, stay safe, keep the faith, and live in peace. Oh! Don’t forget to leave a comment below and signup to follow my blog.

Five Daily Reminders

I am reposting these reminders. I believe we each from time to time, need some positive reminders. We often forget how important we are to others and to ourselves.

Always remember you matter, and it only takes a little courage to start to live your dream. Together we can make this year extra special. Watch for upcoming events to help you in achieving your dream. Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.