Please help!

Please Help!

Last evening, a friend and business associate, La Wanna Bradford, informed me that her sister Rachelle and her two sons were in a severe car accident. Your prayers are greatly needed. In times like these, we need to come together and support each other in times of disaster.

Below is La Wanna Bradford’s report on her family:

Dominick (age 7) He is not going to lose his eye. The bleeding has stopped, and the pain is subsiding. He will not need hip replacement surgery. The image of the two hip fractures now shows a hairline fracture. He will be in a wheelchair for a while with therapy, and they were able to reset his ankle without going in with pins.

Rachelle – The first surgery was successful. The doctor reattached the muscles, closed the hole in her abdominal wall, removed a papaya-sized hernia in her intestines, and located and arrested all the internal bleeding. She is in school, and the UofA has extended her time for her exams. She is sitting up in bed studying right now.

Little Tony (age 3) – Is still intubated in the ICU, but the infection they found is clearing up. They believe he will be taken off the vent in 1-2 days, much earlier than anticipated. We don’t have any updates on the reattachment of his spinal cord. To medivac him home will be $150K because he must be machine monitored during transport. (the accident and hospitalization did not occur in the state they live in.)

We don’t know when they will be released or where they will go because they will require Full-Time care as they adjust to this new life. However, we are celebrating this moment and praising God right now!

God is good! Healing and miracles are happening! Keep praying.

Much love!

A friend, Jeffery Wine, has set up a fund to help get LittleTony home at The link to make donations at

I share this story with you because the family needs financial assistance. I am asking for your support for my friend’s family.

Please help with a donation of any amount and send your healing prayers to this family! Your support is greatly needed. Pictures are below.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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