Courage To Live My Dream

Wow! I have had several people ask me about my book today! Yes, I have a book I wrote myself, and it is on You can check it out here Thank you to all who have inquired about my book “Courage to Live My Dream.”

I am to blame that people are surprised I have a book I wrote and published. As of next week, I will be in ten-book compilations.

I am proud to have been published so many times. When I was growing up, the other children and later adults thought it was funny that I thought I could write.

I understood why they felt this way. I was a quiet and shy individual. No one could understand what I could write and who would be interested. I am sorry to say I accepted their opinions and added a few negatives I created myself. It was easier not to try and have it proved everyone was right.

Thankfully, it became a persistent voice that kept pushing until it made itself heard. Then it started yelling so loud I had no choice but to give in.

It was difficult in the beginning, and many times I was so embarrassed by my writing, but I kept at it, and I still work at t today. It is a continuous work in progress.

You can check it out here at It took me three months to let any of my friends know I had published a book. Should you read it, I would love to have your review of my work.

It takes just a little courage to go after your dream. Until next time, stay safe, keep the faith, and let nothing stop you from going after your dream, even if it is fifty years later.

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