Start Over

Never accept a time limit for your dream. It takes the time you put into starting and completing it. I was fifty-six when my dream of writing pushed me into picking up a pen and paper and start writing. I was terrible, but I kept at it. I still work on improving my writing. I make mistakes, but I write anyway.

The first time I wrote a blog post, I was so scared to put it online. Later, I found all kinds of errors and misspelling in it, but I kept posting anyway. Today, I am in twelve book compilations, and two I have written and published myself.

I still make mistakes, and I continue to work on improving myself just as I still post my blogs. I will continue writing because there is no time limit on how much time I need to become a better writer.

I know I am all over the place in blog subjects, but I shared in the beginning I would share anything I learned that may be of benefit to you. Don’t discourage or wonder what is wrong with me because I choose to write on different subjects. I speak on journaling most often because I believe we all should be journaling to leave a legacy for our families. I love learning new information and I hope you do as well. So, until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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