Happy Valentine Day!

Today, I had mixed feelings. I wasn’t just because it was Valentine’s Day. February 9th marked the third year of my husband’s return home to be with the Heavenly Father.

My husband was not the type of man who was sentimental. He used to say it was just another. His actions said more than a dozen roses or a box of candy. Although I got upset with his comment, I would love to hear him say it again if it meant he was still here with me.

He would often surprise me with some small item for no reason at all. Then play it off when I became emotional. I bet he regretted getting me my first cell phone. He made the mistake of telling me I could select what I wanted.

Of course, I got one with all the bells and whistles and I have never looked back. I feel better already sharing that information with you. My children and two layers of grandchildren always brighten my day.

I also met with my Journal & Creative Writing Group. That always lightens my spirits and I feel so much better afterward. You should join us. We meet Mondays, at 6 pm PDT on Zoom. You can register at https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZApdO2rpjMvGNb7BI4c8LbaRu734dUNBE3L.

Alright, It’s late, until tomorrow, stay safe, keep the faith, and remember, all you need is love.

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