Staying Positive

I have days when I feel down and sorry for myself. I learned that if I don’t give in to those feelings, my mood, and my attitude change. I do this by thinking positive thoughts and making the decision that I want to be happy. I decide to be happy.

I learned that from Pacific Bell. They told us to always put a smile on our face before we answered a call because the customer could tell, and we always wanted to be in a good mood when speaking to the customers. It worked every time.

In the beginning, it was for the job. When I left the phone company, I made the decision to smile in my everyday life and speak to people. I say that because I was very shy and extremely quiet around people if I didn’t know them.

I discovered that when I smiled at individuals, they smiled back, and it started a conversation. I didn’t have to come up with something to talk about. They would start the conversation for me.

It has made a tremendous difference in my life. I make the decision on how my day is going to be, and if the day is troubling because of some event, I have no control over, I tell myself, “It will pass, and a better day or time is ahead.” I stay positive, and soon my day would begin to get better, which would cause good things to start happening.

A good thing happening could be as simple as someone telling you you look good in the outfit you’re wearing and why it looks good on you.

If it is something that requires me to take care of, by staying positive, ideas start to flow my way, and I find a solution for my problem.

I am paraphrasing what Abraham Lincoln and Henry Ford, both said, good or bad, you make the choice of the kind of day you will have.

How do you handle your bad days? Share with us below. Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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