Journaling to Keep Track Of Progress & Growth

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Not all journals are designed to capture emotional issues. Some journals are intended for convenient applications. Journals that track progress or growth are an excellent way to support you on your journey, such as:

✓Weight loss

✓Better nutritional choices

✓Business projects

✓Prepping for a marathon

✓Strength training

✓A pregnancy

Journals that track the specific journey on the way to a designated outcome are easy to create and deliver immediate feedback and long-term insight into the success or failure of the goal. They are an excellent tool for measuring and motivating individuals and teams.

The journal may be used as motivation to keep at it or prove that things are working and you need to stay the course. The journal may be an excellent tool for your care provider to see your actions when they cannot be with you day-to-day.

Here are some great ways to keep your journal front and center while you charge after your goal:

Post the info in a prominent place- Your bathroom mirror or your staff break room may be a great place to keep your journal front and center while tracking your progress.

Share on social media- Some people love tracking their progress and sharing it with their tribe. Apps are available for more personal journeys that make it fun and easy to share with your tribe.

Keep things portable- Sometimes, it’s best to keep things top of mind wherever you are. Your smartphone, a notebook in your purse or briefcase, or car are great ways always to have your tracking info handy. 

Tracking information for progress can show you just how far you have come in a short time. Reflecting on the journey is a beautiful motivator.

Here are some unconventional ways you can track your progress:

✓Take a photo each week

✓Do a daily video journal

✓Capture a before pic

✓Create a graph to fill in overtime

✓Start a spreadsheet

✓Download an app

Journaling for progress and growth is a satisfying way to see results quickly and to use those results to motivate and empower yourself or your team.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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