Four Of the Most Motivating Things You Can Do

Let’s admit it; we’ve all had times when our motivation was low. Even the most motivated individuals can get demotivated at times. Allowing lethargy to seep into your everyday life, on the other hand, would make it virtually hard to achieve anything in life.

According to LifeHack, “Motivation is derived from the verb “motivate,” which means “move.” It is the burning desire that compels you to take action. It is so deeply intertwined with what you believe to be true and right in life that it moves you from a simple desire to a moment of decision. Have you ever watched a working dog? The only motivation is YOU.”

Motivation is a subjective concept, which means that various things will motivate different people based on their objectives and ideals. What inspires you at work could not be the same as what motivates you at home. but let’s look at four of the most motivating things you can do:

Set Goals

Goals energize and motivate us, which should come as no surprise. Self-directed objectives are the most effective. Internal purposes that are self-directed. They include realizing your dreams and meaning in life, knowing what you consider essential aspects, and utilizing them as a daily reference for how you will choose to spend your life.


Perseverance reminds us of a road or a bridge – a particular route or path that we all take. Perseverance is critical when you are feeling hopeless and lost. Perseverance is the deliberate decision to remain on your course despite enormous obstacles.

The secret to a successful life is perseverance. You will realize your actual potential if you persevere long enough. Remember that you can do everything you set your mind to, but it requires effort, perseverance, and the guts to confront your concerns.

Reward Yourself

In a reward system, you offer yourself the chance to earn a reward, such as eating your favorite meal, but you don’t present it to yourself until you’ve reached a specific landmark or goal. Because you want the prize so much, it will be easier to get motivated and work on your objectives.

Remember, You’re Not Alone

Join a class or look for an instructor or someone with whom you can share your experience—supporting others to keep going maybe a considerable boost to your motivation, especially when things are challenging.

Share your thoughts and encourage your friends. Seeing others succeed will inspire you to achieve your own goals. Write about your accomplishments and solicit reader comments.

According to LifeHack, “Once you get to the stage where you are regularly helping others keep motivated – be it with a blog or talking with peers – you’ll find the cycle continuing where each facet of staying motivated is refined and developed.”

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

Anti-aging Benefits of Blueberry

So now I know why I was a late bloomer. The kids used to tease me. At sixteen, I was still getting in the movies for the under twelve.

When I think back to those days, I remember going to the movies and spending the whole day there. Here’s the best part, every week the theater showed three movies and a cartoon for twenty cents!

The only exception was when The Ten Commandments with Charleston Heston, was showing. That was almost a four-hour movie plus the time allowed for intermission.

Getting back to the blueberries, I ate tons of those things while following behind my grandfather while he worked his farm. There were blueberries and other berries all around his farm.

People have always told me I look younger than I am. When I was younger, especially during my teenage years, I didn’t appreciate it. As a senior citizen, I love it.

You know, maybe the blueberries, are the reason I can count on one hand with fingers left over, the number of times I have been sick. That is food for thought.

Well, that is it for now. Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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5 Ways Self-Nurturing Self-Talk Helps You Grow

5 Ways Self-Nurturing Self-Talk Helps You Grow

You want to be a confident person. You’re not alone. Whether you are standing in front of a crowd to give a speech, in an interview, heading for a test, or sitting down to take an exam, you want to be confident and feel good in your skin. A lack of confidence can be so painful that it can influence every area of your life.

A lack of confidence impacts your performance and emotions, and ultimately, it influences your self-talk. All anyone wants is to lead a happy, healthy life. Part of achieving that requires a level of self-talk that supports that. This means your self-talk needs to be self-nurturing. We’re all just fighting to be our authentic selves in every area of our lives. That’s something that we all deserve, but we have to work toward it. To grow, we need confidence. Confidence stems from hard work and an inner belief in self. To achieve the latter, you must first learn to control your self-talk.

Let’s talk about five ways self-nurturing self-talk helps you grow.

1. Your Thoughts Don’t Own You

It might be challenging to believe, but your thoughts don’t own you – you’re not the thoughts you think. However, your ideas can heavily influence your behavior, especially if you’re unaware of them. There is an exciting opportunity here. With self-nurturing self-talk comes intention and mindfulness that helps you grow into the best version of yourself you can be.

It’s up to you to make decisions and react to situations in a way that aligns with your values. You can only do that based on how you perceive the situation. For example, you have made a mistake. It happens. You can react by cheering yourself on or by putting yourself down. The self-nurturing self-talk is the former. That’s what is going to help you grow as a person. The latter will reduce your confidence and make it difficult for you to take risks and try again.

You will have opportunities daily to correct your thoughts. It’s up to you to respond to mistakes and failures encouragingly. It’s easier to learn the lesson and move forward when you encourage yourself.

2. Increased Performance

Self-nurturing self-talk is going to boost your performance. Think about how you feel going into a big meeting, an interview, or a public speaking engagement. It’s nerve-wracking, no doubt. However, when you choose self-nurturing self-talk, encourage yourself and effectively coach yourself to succeed.

3. Self-Belief

A lot of people misunderstand positive self-talk. Self-nurturing self-talk isn’t just a case of butterflies, sugar, and rainbows. It’s about instilling self-belief in yourself. You can hold yourself to a high standard and extend compassion if you don’t meet it or experience a hiccup. It’s easy to allow your feelings or mood to taint your experiences and trigger a spate of negativity. Shaping your self-talk to be self-nurturing will help you deal with your emotions more maturely.

4. Teamwork

When you build yourself up with self-nurturing self-talk, you build yourself up. A natural byproduct of this is that you build others up as well. It makes you a better teammate.

5. The Bright Side of Life

There are opportunities everywhere in this life. That can be scary, even if those opportunities are incredible. It’s up to you to view those situations and opportunities as a tremendous challenge or perceive them as a threat. It’s an active choice you can participate in. One comes from a place of fear, while the other comes from self-motivation.

Adopting self-nurturing self-talk will help you re-frame opportunities, re-frame failure, and dictate how you respond to them. This growth is going to take you to the next level.]

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

Not All Storms

It’s the weekend, and I hope your weekend is as productive as mine gas been so far. Today could have a storm for me. I had unexpected guests, meetings, projects to work on. I was finally able to get everything done, which is why I am late with this post.

Have a wonderful evening, stay safe, and keep the faith.

How to Command Respect from Others

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In today’s society, respect is often seen as an afterthought. With millions of college-educated professionals treating the cast of “The Bad Girls’ Club” and “Jersey Shore” as their role models, respect is often taken for granted or ignored as an essential part of our lives.

However, you can earn respect from the people you interact with every day. The actions you take do make a difference.

Use these ideas to command and receive the respect you know you deserve:

  • Respectably carry yourself. Act in a manner that communicates to others that you should be taken seriously. Consider your conduct and act with tact in all circumstances.
  • Carry yourself with pride. Act in a way that would make your parents proud of you. Refrain from taking part in something you tell your children not to do.
  • When you’re a highly regarded person, people will automatically respect you. If you need to ask for respect from others verbally, either you’re dealing with an immature person or behaving in ways that cause others to respect you less.
  • Follow the golden rule. Treat others with respect, and they’ll treat you according to your set tone. Understand that everyone has boundaries that they expect you to respect. If you cross them intentionally, you’re digging your hole.
  • If someone treats you wrongfully, reciprocate with grace and kindness. Be mature; walk away. By doing so, others will perceive you in a positive light and respond in your favor.
  • Start weeding. It’s important to realize that some people think they’re above any moral laws. These people will do what they want, when they want, and blurt out the thoughts in their minds with total disregard for anyone else’s emotions.
  • Weed these toxic people out of your life. You are your very first priority. If you allow yourself to be mistreated by others, you’re broadcasting that it’s okay to treat you like a doormat.
  • Conduct yourself with class. Keep your head above the water in sticky situations. A calm conversation often serves your interests better than lashing out in anger. Always speak positively about your friends. You’ll be admired as someone who refuses to gossip and win the trust of others.
  • Make it a point to be aware of your actions and reactions, and think before speaking. When you do, you’re indirectly commanding the respect that you deserve.
  • Be realistic. If you’re trying to be on equal footing with your elders or higher-ups in your company, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. It’s important to understand that there will always be a group of people above you in a certain sense. And it’s necessary to treat them with respect.
  • There’s an unspoken rule in social and corporate ranking systems. The older you are, the more respect you deserve from society. The higher you are within the company, the more respect you command. Just remember that one day it’ll be your turn.
  • Achieve more. If you’re promoted within your company for your high work ethic or receive your Ph.D., your achievements warrant respect from others. Outstanding achievements are praised and respected.
  • Consider continuing your education. It’ll boost your self-esteem, income, and career achievements. Plus, it’ll make others respect your dedication to achieving excellence.

Remember, the easiest way to command respect from everyone around you is to be an honorable person. Hold yourself and your actions to a high standard, and others will be aware of the good person you indeed are.

Have a wonderful weekend. And remember to stay safe and keep the faith.