The Earth Has Music

I don’t think I could live in the open of the great outdoors as I dreamed of doing when I was ten, but I feel at home whenever I am around or outdoors.

I love the smell, the calmness, and the peacefulness of being there. It’s like I have come home, and when I was in Louisiana, walking on my grandfather’s land, I could almost hear voices. My brother felt it as well.

I seldom go anywhere near the woods, but when I do, it’s like being welcomed home, and nature speaks to me with her form of words and songs.

Maybe some of my grandfather rubbed off on me. My grandfather loved farming. I believe he was disappointed when none of his children chose to follow in his footsteps. My uncle OT might have because he liked farming, but he passed away. He appeared to enjoy working the land.

When my mother told us we would be leaving to return to Texas, I cried and told my grandfather I would return when I was an adult. That was the last time I saw my grandfather.

I did return to Louisiana and the farm. When I walk the land, I almost feel his hand holding mine. I feel special when there.

That is my feelings for nature and her songs. Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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