Til You Can’t

I heard a song earlier today that made me do some reflection. The song was by Cody Johnson and was called, Til You Can’t.

The song I believe was about a man reflecting on his regrets about the things he had not done or said to the people he loved and now it was too late.

It reminded me of when I lost my firstborn son. All the while I was working through the pain and devastation of losing my son, I was wondering, did I remember to say I love you to him the last time we spoke. I believe I did because he was in special forces with the Army and could be sent on a mission at a moment’s notice.

It was then that I committed to always saying I love you to my family when we went our separate ways. I do that with friends I have not seen in a while, especially my friends who are my age.

Three words that are at times difficult to say, and yet can make all the difference in the world to the individual on the receiving end of them.

I say the words to my family, but I hope my actions also show them how much I love them. Spend time with your family, especially your children. Don’t keep passing out excuses when a family member or friend wants to spend time with you.

Whatever you do, don’t one day realize it’s too late to hear what your family or friend wanted to share with you because it’s too late, and you can’t.

That song brought tears and a hundred memories to mind as I listened to it. I thought of my mom, my dad, and my grandparents. So many questions I kept putting off asking til it was too late, and now I can’t.

I thought of the three sisters I lost. I kept putting off going to visit, til it was too late, and now I can’t. I am careful about family visits, and recently I was reminded of a friend I had not contacted in quite a while. I immediately rectified the situation and apologize to my friend for not contacting her sooner.

I am blessed to have family and friends who reach out to me if they feel I have taken too long to contact them. I think they are concerned about me because of my age. Whatever the reason, it makes me feel good.

Whatever you do, don’t wait til it’s too late, and you can’t reach out and touch them.

Wow! I can’t believe I wrote of that, and I hope Cody Johnson mine me using his song to share my message. It was a very moving song and right on point. Until next time, stay safe, spend time with your family and friends, and above all, keep the faith. I love you.

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