5 Ways Self-Nurturing Self-Talk Helps You Grow

5 Ways Self-Nurturing Self-Talk Helps You Grow

You want to be a confident person. You’re not alone. Whether you are standing in front of a crowd to give a speech, in an interview, heading for a test, or sitting down to take an exam, you want to be confident and feel good in your skin. A lack of confidence can be so painful that it can influence every area of your life.

A lack of confidence impacts your performance and emotions, and ultimately, it influences your self-talk. All anyone wants is to lead a happy, healthy life. Part of achieving that requires a level of self-talk that supports that. This means your self-talk needs to be self-nurturing. We’re all just fighting to be our authentic selves in every area of our lives. That’s something that we all deserve, but we have to work toward it. To grow, we need confidence. Confidence stems from hard work and an inner belief in self. To achieve the latter, you must first learn to control your self-talk.

Let’s talk about five ways self-nurturing self-talk helps you grow.

1. Your Thoughts Don’t Own You

It might be challenging to believe, but your thoughts don’t own you – you’re not the thoughts you think. However, your ideas can heavily influence your behavior, especially if you’re unaware of them. There is an exciting opportunity here. With self-nurturing self-talk comes intention and mindfulness that helps you grow into the best version of yourself you can be.

It’s up to you to make decisions and react to situations in a way that aligns with your values. You can only do that based on how you perceive the situation. For example, you have made a mistake. It happens. You can react by cheering yourself on or by putting yourself down. The self-nurturing self-talk is the former. That’s what is going to help you grow as a person. The latter will reduce your confidence and make it difficult for you to take risks and try again.

You will have opportunities daily to correct your thoughts. It’s up to you to respond to mistakes and failures encouragingly. It’s easier to learn the lesson and move forward when you encourage yourself.

2. Increased Performance

Self-nurturing self-talk is going to boost your performance. Think about how you feel going into a big meeting, an interview, or a public speaking engagement. It’s nerve-wracking, no doubt. However, when you choose self-nurturing self-talk, encourage yourself and effectively coach yourself to succeed.

3. Self-Belief

A lot of people misunderstand positive self-talk. Self-nurturing self-talk isn’t just a case of butterflies, sugar, and rainbows. It’s about instilling self-belief in yourself. You can hold yourself to a high standard and extend compassion if you don’t meet it or experience a hiccup. It’s easy to allow your feelings or mood to taint your experiences and trigger a spate of negativity. Shaping your self-talk to be self-nurturing will help you deal with your emotions more maturely.

4. Teamwork

When you build yourself up with self-nurturing self-talk, you build yourself up. A natural byproduct of this is that you build others up as well. It makes you a better teammate.

5. The Bright Side of Life

There are opportunities everywhere in this life. That can be scary, even if those opportunities are incredible. It’s up to you to view those situations and opportunities as a tremendous challenge or perceive them as a threat. It’s an active choice you can participate in. One comes from a place of fear, while the other comes from self-motivation.

Adopting self-nurturing self-talk will help you re-frame opportunities, re-frame failure, and dictate how you respond to them. This growth is going to take you to the next level.]

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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