Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and dads handling both roles. This year, I thought I would share a picture of my mother’s mother, my mother, and my siblings, including my brother.

I have three other sisters and a brother not pictured here. We are all moms and my brother is a dad. We used to get together for all the holidays before we became scattered across the United States. We grew up with very little. But when I look back, I never felt poor or that we were lacking anything. I admit there a few things we missed out on because we didn’t have the money, but we had each and when we weren’t disagreeing, things were great. My mom and dad are no longer with us and their absence is sorely missed even knowing they are in a better place.

I hope you have good memories of your families and you are sharing your day with the people you love. Over the years, many people have come into my life, and I have come to love them and you.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day. May the Lord’s blessings continue to be with you and your families.

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