If My Day is Rough

Hello! I made a new friend, Vicki Berry, and I am posting something she wrote, with her permission. I believe you will enjoy it.

If my day is rough,

I will remember to be Brave and tough

I have been through hell and came back.

A true survivor I am

That’s a fact.

When I feel life is difficult.

I will remember I live in LOVE, not an occult.

I have many God Gifted Talents.

One of which is colors in Art. Poetic Prose encouragements.

Where I may have my feelings hurt.

I will remember that I am a strong bird.

I’ve lived through an “out of body experience”

Came out with anew ability to touch Souls that death left behind.

So if today is difficult, remember you Are important. Beautiful inside & outwards.

by Vicki Berry

I love this! I bet you do too. Leave a comment for her. I know she will appreciate it. Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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