How to Start Your Day Off

Many daily habits can help you improve your mindset and work on positive thinking, but it starts in the morning, right when you wake up. Your morning routine is crucial because it sets the tone for the entire day. If you can create your day in a gentle, positive way, that will carry with you throughout the rest of the day.

Give Yourself Extra Time in the Morning to Wake Up

The best thing you can do for yourself to start your day right is to wake up a little earlier. It might not be what you want to hear, but if every morning is rushed and stressed, you will have a much harder time maintaining a positive mindset.

Instead of constantly running around in the morning, trying to get everything done, and running out the door, give yourself a little cushion of time. It would help if you had that extra time to wake up gently and more relaxed, where you know in your mind that you have spare time to get ready.

Go through a few quick morning routine habits like meditation, visualizing, yoga, or breathing exercises to get ready for your day. You have time to make coffee or tea and sit while journaling or a few extra minutes to sit up in bed as you adjust to being awake.

Make Your Morning as Stress-Free as Possible

You have already taken the first step to having a stress-free morning by setting your alarm earlier so that you don’t wake up in a rushed panic. The next thing you need to do is be careful what you expose yourself to in the morning.

If the first thing you do is check your phone to read email and browse social media, it will most likely trigger some stress or anxious response. Even if you think just checking Instagram or Twitter is innocent and fun, you will see something you don’t like.

To avoid this, try not to check your phone in the morning. If you need your phone for the alarm and time, turn off notifications until you have gone through your morning routine.

Choose 3 Healthy Habits to Add to Your Morning Routine

While it is excellent to add healthy habits to your morning routine, adding too many at once can have the opposite effect on your mindset. Instead of feeling positive and hopeful for the day, you can feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Pick just three healthy habits to add to your morning routine to avoid this. Think about the habits that would help you the most, whether reading, journaling, going for a walk, making your bed, drinking a smoothie, yoga, or meditation. There are so many to choose between.

These three habits are the must-dos every morning. Then, when you have a little more energy or more time, you can add some other healthy habits as well.

Start Your Day With a Brain Dump

An easy habit of adding to your morning that helps you get your day started positively is to do a brain dump. It is a style of journaling also called stream of consciousness, where all you do is write down what you’re thinking.

You will write thoughts down as they come, jumping from idea to goal to thought or worry, just as they do in your mind. Keep writing until you feel you have gotten through whatever was on your mind the most. Some mornings, it might be 1 page. Other mornings, you register three or more pages and could keep going if you had the time.

The brain dump helps you release those thoughts and worries, so they don’t follow you around all day. It is a healthy way to purge and start fresh in the morning.

Until next time, stay safe. And keep the faith.

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