Life is…okay. Manageable. There are no surprises. You know what’s expected. The days revolve around the idea of one being very much the same as before. You’re staying in one place, but at least it’s a place you know well. Things are stable, and you’re content…

…and very, very bored.

Welcome to life in the Comfort Zone. Sure, it’s a great place to be if you arrived worn out, frazzled, and feeling like you were coming apart at the seams. But after some time spent resting and getting your equilibrium back, life doesn’t seem to fit quite as comfortably as a Comfort Zone is supposed to. If anything, you might even feel like you’re wearing a too-small coat or shoes too tight.

You’ve outgrown your Comfort Zone and need to move on.

Unfortunately, the only way to the next Comfort Zone involves enlarging this one. It means taking things you were only kinda-sorta comfortable with and making them your own. It also means looking challenge in the eye, doing things you’ve never done, and finding out what you’re capable of. It means growing and changing and becoming a bigger person than you are right now. Intrigued? Great! But how do you get there?

You start by pushing yourself in small ways and seeing what happens next. You grow by experimenting, being bold, and acting in ways you never imagined you could. By following the tips in this article, you should get some ideas that will push you in motion.

Stand Up Straight

Showing confidence even when you’re not feeling it will do wonders toward making you more comfortable in any situation.

Read Something Different

Are you in the Comfort Zone when reading, always stuck in the same genre? Why not try something completely different. Ask for a recommendation at the bookstore or go exploring at your local library. Try new authors or genres. Or try out an audiobook if you haven’t before.

Get Social

What are your interests? No matter what you’re intrigued by, somewhere, there’s a group that meets online or in-person where others share the same interests. Join in the conversation and make new friends who love the same things you do.

Explore a New Path

Take a different route on errands or to work. See what’s down a street you’ve never been down before.

Become Artistic

It doesn’t matter if you feel like you’re a creative person. Grab some paint or colored pencils and see what you can make. Or take this to the next level and sign up for a class to get some in-depth experience in something you’ve never tried before.

Volunteer For Something You Don’t Know How to Do

Getting involved in a project which requires you to learn something will open all kinds of new horizons and teach you how to be comfortable in situations you’ve never even imagined. The best part? Most places are willing to train volunteers. For example, Habitat for Humanity will get you comfortable with what it takes to build a house!

Tomorrow, I will add another five tips to help you out of your comfort zone. Until then, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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