27 FUN WAYS pt. 3 of 5

Get Out

Throughout the years, communities offer all kinds of social options, hosting everything from Fireworks displays to parades and unique festivals based around whatever is grown locally.

Become Someone Else

Play the role (at least in your mind) of someone comfortable in this situation. By pretending to be someone else, you’ll weirdly enough take on their confidence.

Ask for Something Crazy

What’s something you always wished someone would do for you? Make a point to ask for this now. If the first person says ‘no,’ don’t give up. Ask someone else. Keep going until you get it.

Leave Your Mark

Grab some sticky notes and write positive messages on them. Leave them where people will be sure to see them, such as in public restrooms, on windows or seats of public transportation, or in little spots where they’re sure to be a pleasant surprise.

Create a Mantra

If you’re having trouble getting uncomfortable, adopt a catchphrase you can repeat when you need it, such as “I am strong,” “I am capable,” and “I can do this.” Write your phrase down somewhere you can see it and use it as an affirmation when you need it.

Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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