Make a Quick Decision

Don’t think about it, decide. Too often, we think we need to know all the options. This time though, go with your gut. A great place to try this tip out? A restaurant you’ve never been to before. Order the first thing on the menu, which looks reasonable. Or better yet, ask the server to decide for you.

Go on a Date…with Yourself

Who knows how to give you a good time better than you? Why not take yourself out to a special dinner at your favorite restaurant, followed by whatever activity feeds your soul? Going alone for an evening might seem uncomfortable at first, but you’ll be surprised at how fun this is.

Write a Fan Letter

Who is someone you admire? By writing a letter to a person who inspires you, you give yourself room to articulate what this person has meant to you in your life. By sending the letter to this person, you create a positive experience for them.

Notice Details

It’s incredible how much we tune out the world, especially if we’re constantly traveling the same route to work or school every day. Make a point to look around you the next time you’re taking a walk or are on the bus. Look up at the tops of buildings and trees. Note the cracks in the sidewalk. By paying attention to the little things, you’ll feel as though you’re exploring somewhere you’ve never been before, a gentle way to coax you into accepting the uncomfortable feeling of being someplace new.

Work Toward a Wild, Crazy Goal

What’s one thing you want to accomplish which feels too big ever to do? Break this goal down into bite-sized pieces and do something that will push you forward every day. Keep going until you get there.

Change Up Your Look

We all fall into a rut where we wear only 20-30% of our wardrobes. The rest of our clothes stay in the closet 24/7/365. Today, it’s time to change out the rotation. Grab something you haven’t dared to wear and take it for a spin. You might be surprised by how much you like it.

Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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