Change Channels

What do you usually watch at the end of the day? What could you try which is different tonight? Again, by asking for recommendations from friends, you will discover entire genres you might never have considered before. Spend a fun night watching a half dozen pilot episodes for different series you never even heard of before.

Go Somewhere New

How often have you driven past a small business and said you would love to stop in someday? Today is your day to take a peek. You might find your new favorite store. You also get the added feel-good bonus from supporting a local business.

Switch Your Workout Around

We tend to fall into a particular Comfort Zone when exercising if we’re not careful, where we constantly do only the same things (running, weights, etc.). Today switch your workout to something entirely different. Take yoga or spin class. Try racquetball or rock climbing. You might be surprised how much you like it.

Stay Up All Night

Visit a diner at midnight. Take a drive through the sleeping city. Enjoy looking at the stars. There are many things to do at night when the world seems entirely different. Beat the discomfort of the dark by discovering the wonder of the night.

Have an Awkward Conversation

We have awkward conversations when we believe in something so strongly that we feel like we have to say something. We also put these off because they’re hard to do. This week, make a point to get one of these conversations off your chest. Sure, it’s hard, but you’ll feel amazing when you have what you need to say out in the open.


By following the tips in this article, you will start discovering new things about yourself. You’re also probably going to find some things you want to do on your own which weren’t on this list. If so, that’s wonderful! This list is meant as a starting point and by no means is a definitive collection of every different way to embrace discomfort. The important thing is for you to do you.

Follow where your heart leads you. Be bold and daring. Accept the Discomfort and turn it into something which will never have a hold over you again. You’ve got this!

I hope this five-part series was of benefit to you. Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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