10 Signs You Don’t Love Yourself pt. 1 of 2

You might immediately think of your relationship with your parents, spouse, or children when thinking about relationships. But you also have a relationship with yourself.

If it’s not a healthy relationship based on a foundation of love, the chances are high that you will find yourself deeply unhappy in multiple areas of your life. Here are ten warning signs that you don’t love yourself…

Sign #1: You Think Mean Thoughts about Yourself

Everyone has the occasional off day when they think they’re stupid, fat, ugly, or worthless. But if these thoughts repeat throughout your day or you feel other unkind things, you aren’t practicing self-love. Instead, you’re creating a neural pathway of hate that becomes reinforced each time you think these thoughts.

Sign #2: You Compare Yourself to Others

People who struggle with self-love often compare who they are to someone else. Maybe you pass someone on the street and think she’s prettier, more intelligent, or more put together than you. You see all of her remarkable abilities or strengths and none of yours. As a result, you feel poorly about yourself.

Sign #3: You Don’t Stand Up for Yourself

When you don’t love yourself, you don’t deem yourself worthy of defending. Maybe this means that you didn’t stand up to the co-worker that lied to you, or you’ve accepted years of your spouse’s verbal abuse. Perhaps you haven’t said no to a “friend” who keeps borrowing money without paying it back or tolerated a relative who says nasty things behind your back.

By contrast, you rise to your defense when you love yourself. You’re not afraid to put up boundaries that protect you against your verbally abusive spouse or allow you to stand up to your lying co-worker.

Sign #4: You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

You might be wondering what getting enough sleep has to do with self-love. But if you’re constantly pushing yourself to the edge of exhaustion and don’t let yourself rest, pause to ask why. Do you think you have to be worthy of it? Are you trying to “earn” the right to get enough sleep?

Sign #5: You Don’t Care for Your Body

When you struggle with self-love, this affects your relationship with your body. If you hate yourself, it’s hard to care for your body, which extends you. As a result, you may move too little and not regularly exercise or subject yourself to a grueling exercise routine.

For others, this might look like making lifestyle choices that harm you long-term while giving you short-term relief. These lifestyle choices could include drinking excessively, smoking, or overeating.

Until next tomorrow with part two, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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