Whose Blood Is It?

I am so excited to announce one of the ladies in my creative writing group, Dimp Shay, has just published her first story on Amazon.com. Here is the note she sent me, and I am asking you to support her by clicking the link below.

Here is my story 🤭. When you get a chance, please open the link. Sign up for Kindle Vella (it’s free). They will give you some tokens to use to read my book. Please leave a review, Like, Share, Fave, and Follow as this will help my ratings and get me noticed. đź’– Thank you.

I have tried posting the link, but it will not take. I post this same message on my Facebook page. If you go to my Facebook page, the link is there. https://www.facebook.com/motivationaljournaling.

I will send out another article later this today entitled, It’s All In Your Head—Attitude Matters.

Until later today, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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