How To Become More Self-Aware

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Self-awareness is a powerful tool we can all benefit from in many ways. It lets us know the “whys” behind our behaviors, feelings, triggers, and actions. When you become more self-aware, you have the power to not only help yourself through complex issues; but you can also help others through similar ones. Being able to identify the emotional root of problems is often the key to being able to work through them. Keep reading for some tips on how to become more self-aware.

Understand Your Past

The past things that have happened to us have an impact on us even in our present. An important thing to remember is that while your past HAS shaped you as a person, it does NOT control you. Take some time to think about the struggles and traumas you have gone through and how you tend to respond when present situations remind you of them. We can all take lessons on things to avoid from our past and what red flags may arise. However, we should not assume that everything we experience that reminds us of our history will end up the same way. Learn from the past—don’t stay in it.

Step Back And Be Objective

Sometimes, a situation can make us very emotional and unable to think about the big picture. Whenever you feel overwhelmed with emotion and/or frustration, take a step back and try to see the situation from an outside perspective. Consider the points of view of the other people involved, their personal feelings and struggles, and how the combination of all your life experiences can add to unnecessary tension. Understand that you and other people are not perfect, and everyone is feeling different struggles from their pasts and presents. It will help you become more compassionate and ready to quickly come up with compromises instead of getting caught up in the negativity of arguments.

When you learn to become more self-aware, you will understand yourself and others more easily. When you know why things make you feel the way they do, you can be more at peace with yourself; and learn how to react in healthy ways.

If you have trouble figuring out certain things, it can help to speak with a trusted friend, family member, or therapist to assist you in getting to the roots of specific issues.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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