Be The Master of Your Day

Do you want to make the most out of each moment of your day? Are you ready to implement time management skills that work?

If you’re looking for productivity solutions, you must first schedule each day according to your time management goals and needs.

Use this checklist to help you complete more in less time each day.

Optimizing Productivity with Time and Space

  • Determine the time of day during which you find that you are most productive.
    • The average person’s most productive time of day is between 9:00 am, and 11:00 am.
    • Be realistic in determining your ideal work environment: Where are you? What is your preferred noise level? Do you work better when you are alone or with a group?

Focused Task Management

  • Performing multiple tasks at once diminishes work quality and ultimately wastes time.
    • Multitasking, task switching, and context switching are all time-waste traps that are easy to fall into unconsciously.
    • To better focus on just one thing at a time, eliminate distractions, and complete one task at a time before moving on to the next one.

Prioritizing Daily Tasks

  • Determine which tasks are of the highest importance.
    • Use your priorities to guide your use of time when the schedule is off-track.

Pay Attention to Your Time

  • Keep track of the way your schedule unfolds.
    • Take planned breaks and use them to practice mindfulness.
    • Mindfulness increases productivity and reduces stress.
    • Take advantage of small opportunities for mindfulness.

Setting Up Your Daily System

  • Follow a routine.
    • Come up with your system according to your long-term goals.

Set a Schedule, Stick to it

  • Avoid signing up for too much.
    • Focus on one or a select few high-priority tasks each day.
    • Leave no task untouched.
    • Divide your days according to task category.
    • Be sure to leave time for fun.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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