Do Vision Boards Work?

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A vision board is a visual representation of your goals and dreams. Your vision board can provide daily reminders of your dreams and goals. It helps to keep your goals and objectives at the forefront of your mind. Visualization is a mental workout you could do every day if you create your vision board accordingly.

5 Benefits of a Vision Board

Vision boards work if you take the time to create one that aligns with your dream life. Here are five reasons to make a vision board to work towards your dream life.

  1. Clarity – Your vision board will force you to think through what you want in your life. Instead of going through your day thinking about unrelated things you want to happen in your life, a vision board will force you to focus on specific items.
  2. Unstuck – If you are feeling stuck in your life, then creating a vision board can be the tool that helps you get unstuck. Often ‌we can get stuck in a rut of daily activities that do not align with our dream life. The vision board you create can help you move from where you became stuck to where you desire to be.
  3. Reminder – I recommend you place your vision board in an area, you see daily. Think of a room where you spend most of your waking time? That would be the area best for displaying your vision board. It works because visualization is a mental exercise that helps you stay on course.
  4. Emotions – Your vision board connects your emotions to your goals. This type of connection can bring about feelings of passion that will prompt you to act.
  5. Enjoyable – Creating a vision board is a fun activity that provides both a creative outlet and purpose. There are no rules when creating your vision board, as it can be any shape or size. You can also use any art tools or images you like.

Your vision board can work if you are specific in each area of your life. Consider the areas of health, wellness, finances, family, home, and career. What do you want your life to be like in each category? Once you have a specific goal in mind, you can then find images and quotes to place on your vision board.

Remember that your vision board does not need to be organized or beautiful. However, it does need to capture your attention. You can create your vision board using computer paper and glue or tape these things to a blank wall. Your vision board will work well if you are specific about your dreams, and make a point to look at this vision board daily. Vision boards work so well because they remind you of the actions you need to take.

When you see the reminder, be prepared to take one or more daily steps to move closer to your goals and dreams. If you look at the vision board but don’t take the actions needed, you will not achieve your dreams. The vision board is a tool that calls for you to be accountable for your daily activities.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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