Twenty Things to Know About Me

Today, I am going to share a few things about me. The challenge suggested that I share 20. We’ll see.

Here is a list of things I enjoy doing when I have the time. Most times, I do several simultaneously.

  1. Old westerns
  2. General Hospital
  3. READING ROMANCE stories(I’m particular about what romances I will read, not erotica)
  4. I love going to the California State Fair(COVID broke my 40-year in-a-row attendance)
  5. Studying the Bible
  6. Basic crocheting(Meaning I can only crochet basic lines)
  7. Knitting(Same as crocheting)
  8. Sew(I’m good at this)
  9. Speaker-Motivational and Inspirational
  10. Teaching and Writing(Self-help, short stories, and sometimes poetry)
  11. Christmas stories(I watch Christmas in July on Hallmark and when they start at the end of October on Hallmark)
  12. Murder mysteries on Hallmark
  13. Posting on my blog
  14. Attending Networking Events
  15. Attending conferences, summits, and workshops
  16. Writing with my writing group
  17. Sharing knowledge and information
  18. I like discussing the Bible but not here
  19. I enjoy talking about politics but not here
  20. I love Country and Western music, the Motown Sound, some jazz, some R&B, Classical, and Gospel

Alright, I did twenty. I’ll share about my children another time. I will post another blog post later today. Until then, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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