A Dream Written

I know I am supposed to be sharing something
about myself, but I am so tired.

I had meetings and personal business to take care of; I only got in a little over two hours ago. I thought I would share one of my beliefs with you. I have found the above message to be very accurate, and it works.

The frustrating part for me was returning my car. The lease is up. They told me there is a shortage of cars. I argued with them about what they wanted me to pay for a new lease. So, I thought, I’ll keep
my car and buy it. They wanted the same monthly fee for what is now a used car, even though it is in excellent condition.

I only have a few days to make a decision. I will keep you posted on my car situation. I guess I wrote something after all.

Keep in mind the inspiring quote above. It’s essential for your benefit. Until
tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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