Fun With My Family

Ow! Today was fun and exciting. For the first time in quite a while, I spent the day with one of my sons and four grandchildren.

 While everyone was telling their stories of what they had been up to, I saw each of them as they were when they were first born and as they looked when growing up.

The time has passed so quickly. My son is fifty, and I watched him interact with my grandchildren. I could see and feel the love they had for one another. I felt a sense of pride because it started with my husband and me.

We raised our sons to the best of our ability. It is never easy to raise children, but we tried to be good role models for them.

Enough about raising my children. I want to share my day with them and how much fun I had. We met at Mimosa’s and spent the day eating and sharing stories.

My grandchildren loved the story of how I met my husband and how we came to be married. It is a funny story, and maybe I will share it here sometime soon.

The picture above shows my son, his son, and daughter; the two girls across from each other are my other sons’ daughters. Unfortunately, their father was unable to join us. That is four of my grandchildren. There are eleven more grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Well, that is it for now. In the last two days, I have had more exercise than in the previous two years, and every bone in my body is hurting. However, it feels good because I enjoyed myself. I’m too tired to soak myself in a warm bath. I will do that tomorrow. I’m going to bed.

Until tomorrow, stay safe, have fun, and keep the faith.

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