Feeling Out of Sorts – It Is Time to Get Up and Move

Moving more helps to keep every part of you healthy. As you develop your personal development plan cover all five areas of personal development. One thing is obvious – movement and exercise help you in every area of your life including mentally, socially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. To live up to your potential, choose to get up and move whenever you feel out of sorts. After all, moving more has many benefits aside from improving your mental clarity.

Moving Builds Muscles and Keeps Them Strong

Did you know that your body consists of over six hundred muscles? In fact, more than a third of your body is made up of muscles. So, when you move them daily, you’ll be more coordinated, which means you’ll enhance your balance and reduce your chance of falling.

Doing muscle-building exercises such as walking with weights on your arms and legs, or using bands to help you stretch, will help you maintain your muscle tone and make you healthier. When you’re healthy, you can accomplish more each day.

Moving Keeps Your Joints Lubricated

Another way that moving more benefits you is it helps you build stronger bones. Bone-building movements like weightlifting, walking, and other weight-bearing activities which use your own weight to help you breathe and keep your balance. Training like Pilates can help you strengthen your bones and make you more resistant to breakage and injury.

Moving Helps You Regrow Your Brain Structures

Simply walking 150 minutes a week can help improve your brain and cognitive function as well as prevent decline by helping it repair areas of your brain. So anytime you’re having issues doing a task you set up, instead of struggling, take a movement break. It will help you improve your productivity and make your life more enjoyable.

Moving For Heart and Lung Health

Your risk of heart attack and other cardiopulmonary diseases will be reduced by over 50 percent simply by moving at a moderate pace for at least 150 minutes a week. That’s just a 20-minute walk every day. Most people can accomplish that without too much effort. Exercises that raise your heart rate, like dancing, swimming, biking, and climbing, are great for you.

Incorporating More Movement is Easy

Moving does not have to include a formal exercise for it to count. Just get off the couch or out from behind your computer. Ask Alexa to turn up the music and dance as much as you want. You can also take a quick walk around your neighborhood with your friend, go to the park or gym. Do some gardening or participate in an activity that you enjoy which stretches your muscles, moves the joints in your body, and gets your heart pumping.

The bottom line is to get physical and move anytime you feel out of sorts. In addition, give yourself time to get moving each day. Of course, you only need to exercise at a moderate pace 150 minutes a week to get these benefits. But, adding extra movement when needed will take your personal development to the next level.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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