What is Expressive Journaling?

Expressive journaling can be your road to de-stressing and re-energizing your mind. It can help you declutter your brain and your soul and help you get feelings out on paper where they can be examined and interpreted. Journaling like this can help you live more of your life at the moment. You can then deal with the past and future in your journal. You’ll feel more secure in your daily life without all that hanging around in your brain, and you’ll find yourself enjoying your days with less worry and pressure.
Here are lots of different types of expressive journals, and you can use each exclusively, or you can mix and match what you want when you want it. This article will discuss several of the most common types of expressive journals.
1.    Art Journal – Whether or not you are artistically talented, an art journal is an excellent idea if you love to doodle and sketch. How are you feeling? Turn that into a sketch. Draw an outline and then color it with colored pencils or gel pens. If improving art is your goal, make the page opposite your creation. Write about how you feel about what you’ve created and how your progress is coming along.
2.    Gratitude Journal – There’s no better way to increase positive feelings in your life than with a gratitude journal. Each day, reflect on your experiences, what you’re thankful for, and lessons you want to remember for the future. And then take it a step further and let the people you’re thankful for know about it!
3.    Dream Journal – Each morning, grab your dream journal and write down your dreams from the night before. Leave room after each goal if you come back with different insights and want to record them later. When interpreted correctly, your dreams can tell you a lot about your waking life!
4.    Creative Writing Journal – If stories are your thing, try a creative writing journal. Write a short story daily, or challenge yourself to write a short story in just 100, 200, or 300 words. Challenge yourself and hone your skills!
5.    Positivity Journal – Each day, pick something positive that happened that inspired you. Write about what happened, the people involved, and how it made you feel. It can help you see more positive things in life overall and helps decrease negativity.
Don’t overthink your journaling – just get started and try!
I believe journaling can solve so many problems. That is why I have more posts on journaling. Until tomorrow, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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