Not Finishing What You Started Can Hurt You

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Do you pass the hallway of forgotten projects when you enter your house? Or all the projects you leave unfinished are stuffed into a closet where none of your guests can judge you over them.

The point is, you tend to leave a lot of the things you start unfinished, and whether you realize it or not, this habit could be hurting you in several ways

It May Make You Anxious

If you find yourself constantly feeling anxious, it could be because of all the projects you are constantly leaving unfinished. Even if you do not currently feel any anxiety, this does not mean you will not eventually feel anxious feelings because of your unfinished projects.

Not only that, but when feelings of anxiety go unresolved, they could lead to more serious issues such as depression. Thus, it is better to do whatever possible to avoid causing yourself to feel anxiety.

You Will Have Issues with Frustration

Whether you realize it or not, leaving projects unfinished is a deep source of frustration in your life. This frustration may not just be affecting your personal life. It could also be affecting your professional life, causing you to lash out at coworkers and even your boss. If this sounds like you, it means your unfinished projects could be what is holding you back in your career.

You Won’t Move Forward

Finishing what you start is an important part of creating change within your life. If you are not finishing the things you are starting, you are not changing. If you are not changing yourself, you are stagnant. Without change, you cannot move forward. You will set aside any goals or dreams you have for yourself, and you may never complete them. It could also mean that you will not feel a feeling of accomplishment, which is another crucial aspect of helping propel yourself forward in life.


Although you may not think that not finishing what you have started is hurting you, the truth is, it is. When you leave a project unfinished, it can cause anxiety and feelings of frustration to develop and fester.

Beyond just that, when you are not finishing something, you are remaining stagnant in your life and denying yourself the growth and development you deserve. It is time to stop setting tasks aside and start completing the things you start today!

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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