Choosing Quality Influences In Your Life

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Human beings are incredibly social creatures. Nearly every aspect of human life revolves around spending time with other people. Whether you’re hanging out with your closest friends, working on collaborative projects at work, or standing in line at the grocery store, the number of ways and opportunities you have to interact with other people daily is limitless.

Because people spend so much time with others, it’s understandable that the company you choose to keep holds influence over your life. These influences can be positive or negative, and learning how to select quality influences in your life is the best way to ensure your relationships are healthy and beneficial.

What are some common traits of someone considered a quality influence?

Unfortunately, many relationships with new people may seem optimistic at first. Still, after spending some more time with the person, you may realize they weren’t the quality life influence you thought they would be after all. Understanding some critical commonalities of folks who could be categorized as a quality influence is key to identifying them.

  • Quality influences spending time raising people rather than tearing them down.

Gossiping is lots of fun – you may have even participated in it sometimes – but consider what goodness comes from gossiping. Talking critically about others behind their backs indicates that someone may not be a quality influence. Rather than gossiping about a person, a quality influence will spend time celebrating, complimenting, and praising them.

  • Quality influences radiate positivity.

Someone who is a quality influence prefers positivity. Even when times are tough, a quality impact will find a way to focus on the good of any situation and find an inspiring way to continue moving forward. A great way to spot this trait in someone who is a quality influence is to pay attention to their language; a quality influence will use forward-thinking words and phrases, such as:

  • We can do this.
  • It is tough, but that’s OK.
  • I believe in [you/us/this, etc.]
  • Quality influences are always willing to put themselves “out there” and take on new challenges or adventures.

People willing to learn and grow by experiencing new challenges and adventures are quality influences. Rather than run the risk of becoming stagnant, dull, or redundant, a quality influence person will actively seek new ways they can continue to learn and grow. For example, a person who is a quality influence may be highly interested, curious about how things work, and striving for new challenges or learning opportunities.

  • Quality influences have grounding qualities.

A quality influence person can help others feel grounded and secure when struggling. Rather than allowing another person to become overwhelmed by complex or challenging feelings, a quality influence will help them refocus and recenter on reality. They will do this through positive language, redirection, and encouragement to keep others grounded in reality.

  • Quality influences are comfortable taking a stand on subjects or issues they’re most passionate about.

Someone who is a quality influence understands the importance of standing up for their values and beliefs. Rather than “riding the fence” between two options, they’re more likely to take a firm stance on their beliefs and express those feelings to others.

A quality influencer isn’t scared of how otters might perceive them based on their feelings and opinions. They understand that, by sharing their thoughts and feelings on a topic, they may encourage others to take a stand or express their feelings, opening the gates for critical conversations.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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