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Creativity is everywhere, always. It would be best if you simply learned to tap into it. Being creative isn’t something that you either have or don’t have. Everyone is creative in different ways. Your way of being creative might not seem like creativity to someone else, and vice versa.

You Are Designed to Explore

From the moment you were born, you were trying to find a way to explore your environment. You looked into your mother’s eyes, your dad’s, your siblings’, and then one day; you realized you were separate and could get around and touch things and learn things. Learning, by its very nature, is a form of creativity.

You Are All Artists When Young

Every child likes to color, draw, and paint with abandon. They also want to build stuff, play in forts, and makeup stories when they play. You did this naturally from a young age, but you grew out at some point. You may be creative in a new way now, but you can also bring back that childlike nature of creativity anytime you want to.

You Are Learning All the Time

Even if you’re not actively trying, you’re always learning. Your eyes see things, and your mind registers them even if you’re unaware. At some point, you may recall it when you need it. You’re learning random facts via YouTube, your Facebook stream, and just by walking around and being alive and around others. Because of this, you’re creative. Learning is a form of creativity.

You All Enjoy Language

We like communicating with each other and are constantly inventing new ways to do it. Letters through the post, telephones, and cell phones are all communication tools. The ability to use language, whether it’s spoken or not, is a creative endeavor. If you communicate with people, you are creative.

You Are an Expert in Something

Everyone on the planet has something they can claim expertise. It may be changing a diaper one-handed in under a minute or something more traditionally thought of as “creative,” such as drawing, knitting, or painting, or something people do daily, such as cooking or organizing. If you’re good at something, you’re creative.

You cannot, with authority, claim something is or is not creative because creativity exists even when it’s not recognized.

You can be creative in science, history, and art and do everything another way. Raising a family is imaginative, and Going to work is ingenious. Decorating your home is creative. Creativity is in everyone; you have to find it and unleash it.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

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