What animal describes me best and why?

portrait of a ram looking straight at camera
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What animal describes me best and why?

I guess I will have to go with the ram. That is my birth sign symbol. I am an Aries, and I like being that sign.

We are supposed to be leaders, strong, committed, and love our families. We have to be first and the best.

We tend to wear bold, dramatic colors and stand out in a crowd.

My sister first turned me onto astrology when I first got married. She thought it would help to understand myself and my husband. I am glad she did. Understanding him and his personality helped a great deal. It also helped me understand myself and why I did what I did.

When I think back, I understand some of the confusion I was going through. Inside I was one way, and outside, I was trying to conform to the way I thought I should be.

Understanding who my husband was and why he did what he did, helped our marriage last for over fifty years. My husband was not into astrology but he returned the favor because I learned to understand and accept him. We were complete opposites in so many things; it was surprising we stayed together and raised four sons, a niece, and a grandson.

It’s been almost four years since I lost him, and I still miss his presence. He was a good man. I thank God for selecting him for me and my sister for suggesting I read about both our astrology signs.

That is why I say the ram is the animal I would go with, but I also like what the wolf stands for. That is a story for another time.

Until next time, stay safe, and keep the faith.

Tomorrows Prompt:

What am I grateful for right now?

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